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For far too long, textured hair has been all but an afterthought in the beauty industry. From hair overlooked trends and techniques to hard-to-find products and styling tips, people with textured strands have been woefully underrepresented in the hair world.

As demand for textured services continues to grow, it is a must for cosmetology students to feel comfortable and confident with all hair types. That’s where USTA comes in, and it all begins with education. We’re on a mission to empower Cosmetology students by laying a solid foundation of knowledge. Our mindful, comprehensive curriculum and industry-relevant resources dive deep into the world of all hair textures, ensuring cosmetology students stay ahead of the curve.

Access to the right content is only one step in the journey. Students need the proper tools to learn and practice their techniques. Our expanded range of mannequin curl patterns, from wavy to oily, offer the variety needed to practice today’s popular trends.


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Learn the fundamentals of textured hair care that celebrates and enhances natural texture with USTA's in-depth theory lessons. Guide your learners to understand the insights to nurture hair health, moisture, and resilience. You’ll learn all about cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing textured hair. Whether in preparation for a certain style or to be worn completely naturally, your clients’ hair will be in optimal condition.