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Hair Extension Training at USTA

  • Your day can only be as good as your hair is! Adding volume, length, or even some fun colors are easy feats to accomplish with hair extensions. Learn how to properly install different types of extensions and help your clients maintain their hair, too! USTA's Hair Extension Training will give you the guidance and foundation to provide multiple extension application services efficiently, confidently and most importantly add a skill set that will set you apart from your competition. This section of the cosmetology program not only covers proper installation techniques but also effective business-building strategies.
  • Learn how to do professional hair extensions with hands-on training. Get the knowledge and skill set to professionally install various techniques and offer your clients beautiful, damage-free results.


-Understanding Proper Hair selection, color, textures, length. Making the right decision for your client.

-How to achieve a finished look. Blending, cutting, and de-bulking to look and feel natural. Maintenance, repair, and removal of techniques.

  • Installation of volume and length extensions
  • Consultations
  • Application
  • Aftercare
  • Health and safety
  • Hair products
  • And more!