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As a USTA student, you will benefit from these FREE business classes, included with every program.

Are you prepared for a Career, after school?

  • Vitally important to the training is the preparation given to each student that will guide them not only through the process of applying for a job but understanding what it takes to secure the job from the point of resume submission to the in-person interview to negotiating a pay rate and for those with the entrepreneurial spirit, to one day open up their own business.

Social Commerce

  • Social Commerce is the essence of every successful skin care professional, hair stylist, beauty artist, or masage therapist. At USTA, we know that it is essential to have talent and creativity supported by the art of marketing, advertising, and sales. As a student, you will learn how to create a unique brand identity that attracts the type of clients and business you are looking for. Graduates will leave with the confidence to grow clientele and achieve business goals. The academy will support you both during your program and upon graduation to ensure your ultimate success as a stylist, esthetician, or massage therapist.

How do I open up my own business?

  • USTA is a leader in this type of career preparation for its students. These classes are directed by the owners; who hold medical and business degrees and built a successful day spa from the ground-up in downtown Naperville. They are available as consultants, mentors and for career guidance to all students.

Do you know how to write a business plan?

  • Let Universal Spa Training Academy put you on the path of intelligent business thinking. Learn how to write an effective business plan that can secure your future dreams of business ownership.

Will you ever need a small business loan?

  • Understand what it takes to get approved for financing. Learn the different options that will be available to you as a licensed professional.

When is the right time?

  • Remember, luck is when preparation and opportunity meet…so be prepared!