Multi-licensed Program

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Multi License Program

What does it mean to be multi-licensed?

  • Spas and salons are moving toward a trend in the industry where they do not want to hire someone who can just do facials or someone who can just do massage. They are looking for individuals who are licensed to do more than one service. This is what it means to be multi-licensed. Our discount program recognizes this trend and makes it affordable for students to become multi-licensed.
  • In today’s competitive job market, the most skilled applicants are always sought after. The spa industry is no different. Spa managers are looking for employees who can perform more than one service. It cuts down on employee costs for owners and it will allow YOU to secure a year round income with no down time.

The owners of Universal Spa Training Academy (USTA) have also been spa owners. They’ve been educators, instructors, and most importantly, students. As a prospective student, you should know that most spa services have peak seasonal times. As an employee, what will you do in the slow periods? How will you supplement your income?

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Katie Armitage, president, ASCP (Associated Skin Care Professionals)

”Many of our members are becoming dual-licensed both in skin care and massage in order to meet their clients needs. A welcome result of this trend has been relief from many of the overuse injuries we traditionally see in massage therapists. Providing skin care requires different body mechanics and allows the therapist to recoup from the physical demands of massage therapy. Spa employers, too, enjoy the diversity that dual-licensed professionals offer their spa menus. There is a natural blend between the two therapies, as they both offer anti-aging and anti-anxiety treatments in a safe and serene spa setting.”