Why so Many Nurses are enrolling in Massage Schools

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Why so Many Nurses are enrolling in Massage Schools

Posted on: September 19th, 2013

There are many people in the nursing profession who have the “CMT, RN” designations in their professional credentials, this shows that many of them have taken matters into their own hands and took the initiative to get formal therapeutic massage training so they can become certified massage therapists.

So what would make a registered nurse, which already has a high demand on her, take an additional challenge and earn more credentials by attending a massage school Chicago? There are many reasons that would push nurses to do that. These reasons include the fact that nurses face a great set of issues during their career. This includes the chronic shortage of registered nurses, this is why qualified nurses are recruited and well compensated, but on the other hand, they are forced to work in a stressful and a demanding work environment. This does not seem to be changing anytime soon since the ratio of patients to registered nurses is increasing and while the needed overtime by those nurses to fill that gap is rewarding, it can be quite exhausting. This is why many nurses are burned-out and they quit their profession.

Other registered nurses express their frustration because of their inability to provide a higher level of care to their ill patients and they feel that they are qualified to do so, which is one of the reasons they take courses or attend classes at an esthetics school Chicago in order to be able to provide their patients with such care. Apart from that, many doctors do not believe in their nurses’ capabilities to provide a level of care that can significantly affect the health of the patients as they have little respect for their contributions.

This is why some nurses would want the doctors to allow them to involve more actively in the patients’ care while others take a more hands-on approach to the issue. Although most of them love their job, they quit their nursing career and they decide to help patients deal with their aching pains by opening their own facilities, which helps them to be more involved with the individuals and to contribute more in their recovery.

Although many registered nurses who burn out prefer to leave the healthcare industry as a whole, some of them still prefer to contribute to health care through a different approach, which is therapeutic massage. This is why they attend courses at a medical esthetics school. Chicago, the windy city, has plenty of these schools so nurses who are pursuing a career in massage should not find it hard to find a well-accredited massage therapy school Chicago to attend courses in. It has to be a well-reputed school that has the needed credentials by the Massage Therapy Board of the state as this will add credibility to the degree and will make it easier for nurses to find work at any beauty center, a spa or a massage clinic or open their own.