Why Medical Esthetics?

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Why Medical Esthetics?

Posted on: July 28th, 2014

The field of medical esthetics addresses skin care and body concerns that go beyond mere beauty treatments and scalpels. Properly trained practitioners of medical esthetics are given specialized training in this innovative form of advanced skin care management.
In order to develop safe protocols and effective procedures for various treatments, esthetician candidates must undergo strenuous instruction that takes a unique approach to the problems associated with skin care and body work. When it comes to an outstanding medical esthetics school Chicago leads the way with its highly renowned Universal Spa Training Academy. The academy offers a hands-on approach to the various medical esthetic treatments that can help transform lives and make clients feel better about their appearances.

Esthetician candidates that study medical esthetics at this academy go on to become leaders in the industry. Among the many useful services they are taught to administer, is Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a safe and simple procedure that uses a hand-held instrument called a Dermatome, to treat deep acne scars through exfoliation of the epidermis. This procedure can help those long sufferers of acne scars achieve a whole new outlook on life and free them from feeling self conscious about their appearances.

When people want a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to help lift, tone and firm their sagging facial muscles, they can turn to Universal Spa Training Academy, the best medical esthetics school Chicago has, for a Bio-lift Facial. This type of facial works by sending a mild Micro-current into an injured or damaged area of the skin that allows it to heal like never before. Like the Dermatome procedure, a Bio-lift Facial has the potential to make a huge difference in how a person feels about his or her appearance.

Clients can also select the Galvanic Current that drain all toxins and impurities from the pores and deeper layers of skin. This is another procedure that can help people feel better about their appearances by preventing blemishes and acne. It is one of the best ways in which to infuse nutrients into the skin by using special skin care products made for this particular use.

Today’s stressful lifestyles can often take a toll on skin and can also cause stress. The hot and cold hammer massage treatments offered by the Universal Spa Training Academy have the potential to improve skin and to affect relaxation and stress reduction. They work with the use of a type of hammer tool, that is both hot and cold simultaneously, on either side of the hammer head. As the procedure is gently applied to the skin, the heat opens pores and relaxes the skin as it stimulates blood circulation. Cold is then applied to sooth the skin. It closes the pores and locks in moisture for a more youthful appearance.

These are but a few of the many treatments available at the best medical esthetics school Chicago has to offer. Let Universal Spa Training Academy transform your appearance and make you feel great about the way you look.