What will an Esthetics school Chicago Do for You?

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What will an Esthetics school Chicago Do for You?

Posted on: May 19th, 2014

The way the medical and the public community look at massage therapy has changed drastically over the past decade. Now, it is a science that is socially and medically accepted as more and more people are using it and actually preferring it to normal medicine because of its effect and its great ability to soothe the pain, or even treat it in various cases. This is why there is a great demand for certified and qualified massage professionals across the United States. If you have a passion for massage and want to capitalize on that consumer demand to build a lucrative career, then the best course of action is to apply at an esthetics school. Chicago has plenty certified and licensed schools that will provide you with what you are looking for. These schools will help you become a massage therapist by covering plenty of different topics.

The first one is “Massage Theories”, this is the heart of the massage therapy education. This topic will teach the students all about the basic theories for modern Swedish massage and this includes 6 basic strokes and techniques. The massage theories will also enable the students to know how the massage will affect the human body and how will it relax the muscles to relieve the pain.

Pathology is one of the topics that some students think that they don’t need it. Pathology is what helps the students identify the different diseases. This knowledge is quite essential because muscle pains can be caused by a variety of diseases, and not all of them can be cured by a massage. So armed with this knowledge, the students will be able to tell which pains can be cured by a massage and which ones can’t.

Another important topic that is taught at any massage school in Chicago is anatomy. This will enable the students to understand the anatomy of the body. This includes the cellular anatomy, the bone structure and the different organs.  Last but not least, the Kinesiology, which studies the muscles’ operation and how to they create movement. Understanding the operation of the muscles will help the students while working with the different conditions of the muscles.

Apart from the topics that are related to the medical side of the massage industry, good massage therapy schools in Chicago would offer the students other topics that are related to the business side of the massage industry. This includes the work ethics, because building a good relation with the client is one of the pillars of success in this business. This also includes client handling which will teach the students how to treat their clients, how to care for their needs and how to make them feel welcomed. This will encourage the clients to hire their services once again. Other topics will include management, which will expand the work field for the students as they will be no longer restricted to work as massage therapists as they can now join the management team of spas and massage parlors.