What to Expect to get from a Massage School Chicago

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What to Expect to get from a Massage School Chicago

Posted on: January 26th, 2015

Those who are interested in building a career in health care service will find that massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to help in the healing process. This is why those who have a passion for helping others are advised to get the massage therapy education that they need at one of the many massage therapy schools in Chicago. Apart from providing students with the knowledge and the skills that they need, these schools also introduce its top candidates to great working opportunities in its affiliated spas, salons, hospitals, cruise ships and chiropractic clinics. So you do not only get educated, but there is a big chance that you will find a job after graduating.

While it is quite rare to find two identical curriculums, but the basics are the same and they cover almost the same topics. These topics include kinesiology, pathology, physiology and anatomy. All of these topics are important because before a massage therapist can use his hands in order to relieve stress, he will have to understand how the body works, and how will the muscles react. These topics are usually common at any massage school Chicago has, but after that, the courses will differ to a great extent. For instance, if you are looking forward for a foundational course in body work, then the common techniques that are taught at most programs will be good for you as they encompass sports massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage among others. As for others who would like to take on more advanced therapy techniques, there are a lot of schools that offer an in depth practical training that covers a wider selection of massage modalities.

These schools include training programs that include fascinating techniques that are gaining a lot of popularity. For example, reflexology, which is a unique massage technique that involves the ears, hands and feet. Other interesting and unique technique include Shiatsu, which is a form of acupressure, Rolfing, Alexander Technique, Tuina ( a Chinese technique in massage), trigger point therapy, Indian head Massage and Feldenkrais among others. A massage school Chicago education will usually have training programs that start at 300 hours per program, up to 1,000 hours.  Students can choose to apply for more than one program so they can learn more.

Apart from the theoretical part of the education, most massage schools will allow students to practice massage on each other, so they can see how it feels to get a massage, and to put themselves in the position of the client. Also, the schools that are affiliated with spas, clubs and massage parlors will allow its students to go to these parlors or clubs and get to experience what a real hands on practical massage feels and they will also get to listen to honest feedback from the clients. This is why a good massage therapy school Chicago will provide its students with both, theoretical studies and hands on training.