What Does a Medical Esthetician Do?

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What Does a Medical Esthetician Do?

Posted on: October 22nd, 2015

A medical esthetician is a person who works in the medical field to assist patients in their cosmetology needs. A medical esthetician can work in a dermatologist’s office, in a burn clinic at a hospital, or can even own their own clinic where they can perform a variety of cosmetic procedures on clients.

Going to medical esthetics schools Chicago is a great option for people who are already in the medical field, but want to expand their expertise. Many people, such as Registered Nurses, blood technicians, and dental hygienists get further education in esthetics so they can work in a more specialized medical setting.

Estheticians are responsible for helping people with their skin care. The help with controlling acne, smoothing out wrinkles, tightening skin, smoothing uneven skin texture, making skin more evenly toned, and can help people put on makeup more effectively. In the medical world, such as a burn unit, medical estheticians may help patients learn how to put on makeup to cover scarring or give them skin care regimens to help reduce redness and uneven skin tone due to a burn.

Medical estheticians are becoming more and more popular in doctor settings, since patients are expecting a more spa-like experience. Many clinics, such as plastic surgery, massage, and even chiropractor clinics, have a medical esthetician on their staff to give patients facials, skin care treatments, and laser procedures to assist in the removal of acne scars or varicose veins.

If you want to go to an esthetics school Chicago has many programs to offer. Many training programs last only a few months to allow you to learn the skills you need to become certified in skin care, laser techniques, and other types of specialized training. You can get basic esthetics training or you can advance your education so you can work in a specialized setting. You can work in a salon, dermatologist’s office, private doctor practice, or plastic surgery setting.

If you want to improve your medical training and work in a more specific field, esthetics training may be something you can enjoy. With the right skills, you can work in a variety of settings performing procedures on patients to help them feel better about themselves. You can help a patient with acne scarring learn how to manage their uneven skin tone, or assist an elderly patient in renewing their youthful glow. The esthetician world is very rewarding in that you can help people feel beautiful about themselves every day.

If you are thinking of going to esthetics school Chicago facilities can help you learn more about their programs. Whether you already have a medical degree or want to become certified as a medical esthetician, schools in your area can help you find the right program for your needs.