What are Some Stretch Mark Treatment Options?

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What are Some Stretch Mark Treatment Options?

Posted on: November 20th, 2020

Many people have stretch marks and stretch marks are actually bands of scar tissue that are on your skin.  They are noticeable since they differ in texture from your normal skin, and they can range in color from pink, gray, purple or red.  Although for the most part stretch marks are not problematic in themselves, they can sometimes become itchy or feel sore.  It is good to know there is nothing dangerous about having them, but some people do not like their appearance and want to get rid of them. 

Stretch marks can be found almost anywhere on your body, but the most common places for them to be are on your stomach, legs, buttocks, breasts and upper arms.  Although both men and women can have them, they do more commonly affect women.  

Your skin is composed of three layers which are the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis and stretch marks are found in the dermis layer.  Stretch marks are caused when there is a quick expansion and contraction of your skin, such as during pregnancy, a growth spurt or during weight gain/loss.  

If your stretch marks are bothering you, it is good to know that there are a few different types of treatments that you can try.  

  • Topical creams:  Creams are a popular option for stretch marks and this is an affordable and non-invasive way you can treat them.  Creams work best on stretch marks that are recent.  If you have sensitive skin, you should talk to your doctor about which type will work best for you.  Pregnant women should not use creams during pregnancy
  • Heat treatments:  This treatment option uses radio wave energy and ultrasound to bring heat to the dermis layer of your skin, which results in the production of collagen
  • Laser therapy:  This treatment will use light instead of heat in order to lessen the stretch marks’ appearance
  • Microdermabrasion:  During this treatment, tiny crystals are scrubbed onto your skin, which will remove the layers of skin where you have stretch marks

Contact your local med-spa to find out which treatment option will be best for you.