Visiting an Esthetician

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Visiting an Esthetician

Posted on: August 22nd, 2015

An esthetician is a person that has been trained and is committed to skin care. They go through skin wellness training at a Medical Esthetics School to achieve their goal of helping people improve their skin, balance their natural oils and have a youthful complexion. They learn how to treat clients a ta personal level so they can provide individualized treatment, a personal touch some professionals are not sing these days. Medical Esthetics School is not just about your face; they provide training in various body treatments, hair removal techniques and hands/feet treatments as well. What are some the treatments that they may provide? Some is written because as technology advances skin care treatments advance as well and at any Medical Esthetics School, arrangements are made so the future estheticians are properly trained in the latest technology.

Chemical Peels, exfoliation, facials, what are they or what is the difference? How can someone benefit form them? Chemical peels are often used to treat aging, scarring, sun damage, and to improve skin’s tone. Exfoliation removes dead cells with a product that digests skin’s dead cells, skin is therefore forced to produce new cells that will provide a younger looking and improved skin. Facials are very popular in the field. It allows your esthetician to get to know your skin, get to know you so further treatment can be scheduled if needed.

There are other treatments used in this field such as microdermabrasion or waxing. Microdermabrassion is resurfacing the skin with the use of sand machine that suctions the dead skin cells.It is a powerful new technology that uses a crushed diamond wand or spray with special crystals to help this process. Waking is the removal of unwanted hair at her root of it. Wax is applied to the skin while warm, followed by applying a soft cloth over it. After this,hair is removed form root by pulling the cloth in the direction opposed to hair growth.

An appointment prior to your first treatment is always suggested. This will allow the client to express their concerns so that the esthetician can work with the client on a plan to achieve the client’s goals in a timely manner. The esthetician will also be aware of any previous treatments so there is little to none complication with any of the treatments provided by the clinic and there is little to no risk for the client.