Types of Massage Therapy Training at an Esthetics School Chicago

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Types of Massage Therapy Training at an Esthetics School Chicago

Posted on: April 18th, 2014

To be masterful at the art of massage, it may take years of effort and work, including studying and hands-on experience. Esthetics school Chicago for massage can cut the time needed by helping you learn the valuable and important techniques needed to be a masseuse.

The basic principles of massage include a holistic approach to inner well-being and healing, and understanding the needs and reactions to different bodies. Learning these fundamental skills will allow you to accomplish these goals.

Below are lists of massage techniques that can be used.

Anatomy: studying various body parts in relation to each other, with emphasis on bone and muscle tissues.

Acupressure: Not to be confused with acupuncture, acupressure uses the fingers to apply gentle pressure on certain areas of the body that traditional acupuncture would target.

Aromatherapy: Using a variety of plants to extract their oils, this therapy help with relaxation and be beneficial to the skin.

Deep Tissue: This technique is generally used on parts of the body that have had long-term pain and problems, and focuses on deeper tissue layers to resolve the pain.

Energy Massage: Understanding the electro-magnetic characteristics of the human body, the energy massage applies scientific principles to help balance the body’s energy.

Foot Reflexology: This foot massage has emphasis on relaxing the feet, seeing as relaxing the feet may help soothe the entire body.

Hot Stone Massage: These hot stones can be used with oil to slide across the body or can be stationery to apply heat to problem areas.

Kinesiology: Kinesiology is similar to anatomy, with an increased emphasis on body movements in relations to individual muscles and muscle groupings.

Lymphatic Massage: This massage will extract toxins from the body.

Pathology: Researching and studying the abnormalities, and various illnesses of the human body.

Myofascial Therapies: This therapy uses a more advanced massage technique to target major areas of the body in between the skin and muscles, including the neck, back shoulders and similar areas.

Physiology: Physiology pertains to the study of individual body systems such as the Nervous or Digestive Systems.

Pregnancy Massage: A massage pertaining to the needs of a pregnant woman as to not cause discomfort or more severe problems.

Rocking & Shaking: This technique is used for loosening joints and problem muscles by keeping the body in a state of motion.

Shiatsu: This massage technique is performed on the floor with the use of a mat and oil, to apply pressure and stretch the skin with the fingers.

Sports Massage: This massage is catered to athletic people to groom them for better performance, and to more quickly recover them injury.

Swedish: This massage emphasizes on long, fluid strokes using oil to accomplish well-being and relaxation.

Thai Massage: A traditional massage with emphasis a yoga stretches.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: This system forms the basis of acupuncture, by observing the body as an energy based form.

An Esthetics School Chicago location would be a wise choice to learn this valuable art, and to be able to practice and apply these various techniques in a suitable environment.