Today’s Modern Beauty Treatments Avoid Too Tight Traditional Facelift

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Today’s Modern Beauty Treatments Avoid Too Tight Traditional Facelift

Posted on: June 20th, 2016

Women and men are stepping away from the drastic, windswept look of the traditional facelift and choosing more non-invasive treatments that beautify and slow the aging process.

Skin care science has advanced greatly these days, and modern medical esthetics professionals are helping people achieve a natural, attractive appearance with a newer and gentler approach.

Plastic surgery certainly has its fine merits, but patients now reach for more subtle cosmetic changes to create maintenance for their faces and bodies. Patients are not waiting to turn 50 and heading for a facelift but rather focusing on the less invasive treatments in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

So many amazing techniques can be performed today with a needle of injections, high-powered laser and ultrasound technology, along with effective chemical peels. The options are there, are affordable and usually produce instant, long-lasting results. The Esthetics School Chicago is one of several that develops experts with excellent training and skills.

When it comes to a radiant complexion and youthful glow, a pro from the Medical Esthetics School Chicago can offer patients the latest in beauty treatments. Just Botox alone, can solve several skin care issues and allow one to look at least five years younger. Botox, the number one injectable, can smooth away wrinkles and crow’s feet and deep-set frown lines. It can even slim the jawline with those who suffer from bruxism.

An expert from the Esthetics School Chicago has been trained thoroughly in the pursuit of the perfect complexion. Vascular lasers are one high-tech tool that can even out skin color by turning their pulsed-dye lasers into vaporizing agents. There are also re-surfacing lasers that use tiny beams of powerful light to trigger new cell growth below the skin’s surface. That in turn, creates smoother skin texture with wonderful tightening benefits and refined pores.

Controlling acne can become a frustrating problem for many, but turning to an esthetics expert is worth the visit, because there are numerous topical treatments to try. Chemical peels when done by the properly trained people, yield incredible, clear skin results. These chemical solutions are potent, causing the outer skin layer to dissolve, taking away acne, bumps, scars and other skin eruptive issues.

For those patients who dream of a more stream-lined jaw and neck, they can see terrific results with lasers that zap away at jowls and double chins and a turkey neck. These improvements look natural and deliver instant results.

Facial fillers like Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and others can also eliminate the look of a fat or rounder face by discreet injections that lift the “bad” areas, creating higher, more defined facial contours. These unique injections also soften the nasolabial folds, letting the patient look younger without making them look “done.”

The Medical Esthetics School Chicago trains industry professionals who understand modern beauty treatments and procedures in non-invasive techniques. No one wants to look older, even though gravity affects every face and body. The key to a youthful, healthy appearance involves maintenance with a lighter touch.