Tips for Those with Oily Skin

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Tips for Those with Oily Skin

Posted on: June 22nd, 2021

Many people wonder what causes someone to have oily skin. For most people, it really comes down to genetics and if this is the cause, you cannot really change that. Other causes include stress, hormonal fluctuations, weather and the skincare products/makeup you are using. Although having oil in your skin is an important part of keeping your skin healthy, when you have too much, it can lead to skin problems. But not to worry; if you suffer from oily skin, there are things that you can do!

The first step to combating oily skin is to use a very gentle foaming cleanser. When you consistently use a gentle cleanser in the morning and before bed, it works wonders to keep your oily skin in check. If you utilize products that contain harsh ingredients, it can actually cause your skin’s oil production to go into overdrive. Using a rough washcloth can do this as well. It is best to use either just your hands to cleanse your face, or a very gentle and soft washcloth.

If you have tried a gentle foaming cleanser consistently and find that you are still having problems with oily skin, the next step would be to find a skincare product that has one of the following acids: salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or beta-hydroxy acid. These products are often labeled as acne products, but they also work really well for those with oily skin.

They also sell medicated cleaning pads that have salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which work very well to get oily skin under control. Another great product to try is cosmetic blotting papers. This product works by removing oil from your skin, without causing any dryness.

Getting routine facials is another great way to keep your oily skin under control. Although anyone can benefit from having routine facials, it is especially important for those suffering from oily skin. You can discuss with your skincare specialist exactly which type of facial will work best for your specific skin type.

There are also some great makeup tips that can help to keep your skin looking fresh and can keep the oil in it under control. Before you put on foundation, you can use a lightweight moisturizing matifying lotion that will absorb extra oil and keep it from mixing with your makeup. Throughout the day, in order to maintain that fresh look to your skin, you can use blotting papers or blotting powder to get rid of the shine caused by oil.

If you are wearing eye shadow, you will have better success if you first apply a dry eye primer or powder to your eyelids. This will help to keep the eyeshadow from clumping together. Staying hydrated is another great way to keep your skin under control. When you are hydrated, your skin does not make as much oil. Plus, staying hydrated has so many other health benefits.

If you are still unhappy with your skin, your best bet is to consult with a skincare professional. They will listen to your concerns and help you develop a skincare routine that will work best for your specific skin concerns and goals.