The Growing Field of Massage Therapy

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The Growing Field of Massage Therapy

Posted on: June 19th, 2015

Massage therapy is a moderately growing field. Therapists use massage techniques to help patients rehab their injuries, improve circulation, increase relaxation and to get rid of stress. Massage schools in Chicago provide training to interested students who can then earn a certificate or license which are a necessary requirement for working in this field.

When a student is enrolled in massage therapy program they will learn about the human anatomy and how they can manipulate it with various massage techniques. Students will learn how to use these techniques to provide aromatherapy, acupressure and deep tissue massage. Instruction will also be given about massaging people with hot stones, myofascial therapies and sports massage.

Each of these techniques are used alone or in conjunction with one another to provide relief or comfort to an individual. A massage school in Chicago will also teach students how to use various environments to help relieve a person’s tension and pain. Hydrotherapy is a form of message that uses water to help a person’s body to improve circulation and to relax. Reflexology is a type of massage that is used for the feet, hands or ears. Thai massage has its origins in Thailand and this form of massage focuses on yogic-type stretches.

Many different countries have their own version of massage therapy. Many of these techniques are also taught in traditional massage schools. Techniques such as Shiatsu is derived from Japan and Lomi Lomi is from Hawaii (even though it is American). Swedish massage is probably the most famous form in the western hemisphere. It is commonly used by many massage therapists in this part of the world.

Students can learn all of these techniques while they are in training school. If they already have their certification and license they can always go back to school to learn different techniques that they might not have been taught. A massage school in Chicago will teach returning students massage techniques that will help them to advance further within their career.

Once a student has been instructed with these various techniques they will be able to use them in different situations for their patients. Knowing these different techniques will also help a therapist to aid doctors and physicians with a greater range of treatments for injured or stressed individuals. Massage schools in Chicago provide high quality training and most programs are about 6 months long. This means that a person can be working as a massage therapist in little or no time at all once they earn their certificate.