Techniques Taught at Massage School Chicago

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Techniques Taught at Massage School Chicago

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014

Those individuals who are interested in becoming a professional masseuse may be wondering what steps need to be taken in order to become licensed to perform such services in the state of Chicago. If you would like more information, perhaps consider doing your own research pertaining to massage school Chicago.

Overall, there are many programs available in the Chicago area that offer such certifications for those who wish to have a career in the massage industry. Many will have a nine hundred hour program that trains students in a variety of different massage techniques so that they can service a broad range of clientele effectively in their industry.

These massage techniques include anatomy, aromatherapy, acupressure, deep tissue, energy massage, foot reflexology, hot stone massage, kinesiology, lymphatic massage, among others.

Students will learn about anatomy in order to become familiar with various body parts, specifically skeletal and bone structures as these will be important when performing a massage.

Aromatherapy is a very common tactic used along with massage in order to help relax the client and also to promote better skin quality. Deep tissue instruction is useful for students to become knowledgeable in as this is a good technique to use with clients who have more long term issues with a certain area.

Energy massage technique is useful in order to help promote a balancing of energy in the client’s body and is backed by scientific research involving topics such as the electro-magnetic field subject.

Foot reflexology is a unique technique that can be applied when the client is experiencing issues with the foot; however, it is also said to help relax the entire body as the foot reflects what is going on elsewhere in the individual.

The hot stone massage technique is very popular with clients. This can be used in a stationary position where the heated stones are applied on various areas of the body or used along with oil in a gliding technique.

Massage school Chicago also teaches the technique of kinesiology, which involves studying how the body moves and which muscular structures are involved. This is helpful information to know in all massage techniques.

Lymphatic massage is a great technique for clients who wish for a detoxification process, as it is designed to remove toxins from the body.