Summer Beauty Trends for 2017

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Summer Beauty Trends for 2017

Posted on: May 27th, 2017

summer beauty trends for 2017As school let’s out for the summer or you are getting ready for your much awaited vacation, you’ll want to know the popular Summer beauty trends to stock up on for some fun in the sun! While Spring was filled with Pink shade lips, soft uneven curls, chrome nails and cut-crease make-up, it’s a new season and so the trends have changed!


  • WET HAIR – There are two ways to accomplish this look, the sleek vacation look or casual slick and shiny look. For the vacation vibe, apply oil to damp hair, blow dry straight, part the hair down the middle and straighten back. and use a barrel wave curler making waves setting with spray. For the casual look, simply work tons of styling cream from the roots to the mid-length to get that awesome shine with just a little bit of hold.
  • BRONZE/DEW SHINE– To create sun-kissed skin as you get ready for beach/lake filled fun, you’ll want to bronze your cheeks and eyes, followed by a highlighter that hydrates and glows which will give the dew and glow.
  • NO MAKEUP LOOK– For the Au’ Natural look like you’ve seen Alicia Keys rocking this year, you’ll want to add a very light coat of creamy matte to your skin, followed by a slight taupe shadow on the lids and a pink-nude matte liquid lipstick dabbed on the lips.
  • RETURN OF THE 80’S – All over the runways this spring, we saw models with the pinkish red color applied in a semicircle along the outer corner of their lids, into the temples and the top of the cheekbones. We also saw tons of bright colors – reds, greens, blues and yellows!
  • LINE YOUR EYES – One of the hot trends to be seen all summer long will be a strong dark liner on the lower lash line. This look is quick and easy to achieve complimented with lavender or taupe shadows.

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