Aromatherapy and the Summer

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Aromatherapy and the Summer

Posted on: June 30th, 2017

As the temperatures and humidity go up, you may be wondering what you can do to bring your body heat down a notch. Essential oils are a huge trend and there are many ways they can help! At USTA, we expand the skillset of all our students with a clear understanding of aromatherapy with the safe and therapeutic uses of oils for clients. Students are taught how to make body care products for both personal and professional use. We thought we would share a couple of recipes for you to use this summer!

Aromatherapy Recipes for Summer

Cooling oils – Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus

Carrier oils – Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Coconut Oil (Fractionated)

Calming oils – Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang

For massages on your feet, neck or back this summer, combine a few drops of the cooling oils with a carrier oil and you’ll be left both relaxed and cooled off for quite a while! The peppermint oil mix will be quite a refreshing reward to your feet at the end of the day.

For a mid-day cool down when you can’t make it to the pool, add a few drops of any cooling coil to a spray bottle filled with water and keep it in your refrigerator. Whenever your body calls for it, stop by your fridge, close your eyes and give your face and/or chest a quick spritz. You can also get a travel size spray bottle and add a couple drops of cooling oil along with a calming oil for sticky hot days you will be at the fair, or on a road trip.

Your body and mind will be both cooled and calmed from the heat this summer using these aromatherapy tips and recipes! Here at USTA, we are always up to date with popular trends in aesthetics and massage therapy. We look forward to helping train and guide you into a successful career in either massage therapy or aesthetics. To learn more, contact us at 630-968-6800, option 1 to speak with an admissions representative today!

May your week be balanced with aromatherapy!

DIY Exfoliating Salt Scrubs

Posted on: September 3rd, 2016

DIY exfoliating salt scrubsAt USTA, we cover salt scrubs in our Aesthetic School and wanted to share on the blog 3 DIY recipes that are easy and effective to make at home. Exfoliating your skin is very important to remove dead skin cells, speed up the skin renewal process, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help keep your skin looking vibrant and bright! Exfoliation also helps prevent breakouts, reduces sun damage and improves product absorption into the skin. Below are three recipes that are easy to make yet beneficial for your skin.

3 DIY Exfoliating Salt Scrub Recipes

  • Pink Himalayan Salt and Lemon Scrub This DIY scrub is refreshing. Pamper your skin by combining 1 cup of pink himalayan salt, 1/3 cup of oil (grape seed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil) and juice of one lemon.
  • Orange Clove Scrub The orange and clove combination is perfect for fall! Combine 1 cup of dead sea salt or pink himalayan salt, 6 drops of sweet orange oil, 1/4 cup oil of your choice, 3 drops of clove oil and 2 drops of cinnamon oil.
  • Calming Lavender Salt Scrub Relax your mind and body with this calming salt scrub at the end of the day. Combine 1/2 cup of dead sea salt or Epsom salt,  1 cup of oil and 10 drops of Lavender oil.

Store all DIY salt scrubs in an air tight, glass container. Each exfoliating scrub recipe will keep for a few months and can be applied all over the body. However, be aware of any cuts or scrapes when using any exfoliation products and essential oils.

At USTA, our students combine their knowledge of Aromatherapy with their Core Aesthetics training to create the ultimate client experience.  Curious about starting a career in Aesthetics? Classes start at the end of the month! Head to our Aesthetic School page for more information about our school and curriculum.