Benefits Of Meditation

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Benefits Of Meditation

Posted on: October 6th, 2016

meditationAt Universal Spa Training Academy, we believe when you meditate, you clear away the information overload that sometimes builds up during the day. You are then able to focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. Studies have shown that just a 5 minute session can result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being.

Benefits of Meditation

  1. Reduces Stress. Research published in the Health Psychology journal stated that meditation is not only associated with feeling less stressed, it’s also linked with decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  2. Visualization. Visualizing where you are and where you want to go is beneficial when starting a new career. This helps to put everything in perspective as you reflect.
  3. Improved concentration. This helps during class times, at work and even those at home tasks.
  4. Encourages a healthy lifestyle. When you are able to calm your mind, it reduces stress not just in your mind but also in your body. This helps gain perspective and seek the need for an overall healthier lifestyle.
  5. Increases happiness. Studies have shown that when you meditate you release endorphins and serotonin, which are your ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain. This makes you happier and less likely to lean towards negativity.
  6. Improves sleep. Do you ever experience those sleepless nights? Meditation helps to calm your mind and body to relax and ultimately catch those z’s.
  7. Increases creativity. If you are more relaxed you can focus on more important tasks. You can accurately prioritize your life and have the mental capacity to get creative.

Our meditation room at USTA is open and free for massage therapy and aesthetic students to use. Meditation sessions are open and non-religious. We just think it makes a well-rounded student and our performance statistics prove it!

DIY Exfoliating Salt Scrubs

Posted on: September 3rd, 2016

DIY exfoliating salt scrubsAt USTA, we cover salt scrubs in our Aesthetic School and wanted to share on the blog 3 DIY recipes that are easy and effective to make at home. Exfoliating your skin is very important to remove dead skin cells, speed up the skin renewal process, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help keep your skin looking vibrant and bright! Exfoliation also helps prevent breakouts, reduces sun damage and improves product absorption into the skin. Below are three recipes that are easy to make yet beneficial for your skin.

3 DIY Exfoliating Salt Scrub Recipes

  • Pink Himalayan Salt and Lemon Scrub This DIY scrub is refreshing. Pamper your skin by combining 1 cup of pink himalayan salt, 1/3 cup of oil (grape seed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil) and juice of one lemon.
  • Orange Clove Scrub The orange and clove combination is perfect for fall! Combine 1 cup of dead sea salt or pink himalayan salt, 6 drops of sweet orange oil, 1/4 cup oil of your choice, 3 drops of clove oil and 2 drops of cinnamon oil.
  • Calming Lavender Salt Scrub Relax your mind and body with this calming salt scrub at the end of the day. Combine 1/2 cup of dead sea salt or Epsom salt,  1 cup of oil and 10 drops of Lavender oil.

Store all DIY salt scrubs in an air tight, glass container. Each exfoliating scrub recipe will keep for a few months and can be applied all over the body. However, be aware of any cuts or scrapes when using any exfoliation products and essential oils.

At USTA, our students combine their knowledge of Aromatherapy with their Core Aesthetics training to create the ultimate client experience.  Curious about starting a career in Aesthetics? Classes start at the end of the month! Head to our Aesthetic School page for more information about our school and curriculum.

3 Ways To De-stress With Yoga

Posted on: August 27th, 2016

When juggling many things like family, work and school it can cause anxiety and stress. Yoga helps to create greater emotional well-being by releasing tension and dissolving the emotional blocks that hold us back from living a happy, healthy life. At Universal Spa Training Academy, the practice of mind, body and spirit is used in everyday life. Yoga also offers natural therapy for stress, because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our nervous system responsible for relaxation and rejuvenation. Below are 3 positions that you can do to de-stress.

  1. Dhyana Pose

    Calming Heart Meditation (Dhyana) This pose can be practiced whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Breathe deeply and slowly to maintain a calm, meditative state.

  2. Childs Pose (Balasana) Kneel on the floor, touch your toes, lay your torso down between your legs, put your forehead down on the floor and stretch your arms, hands and fingers. Breathe deep and exhale to release any tension. This is a more restful pose and helps to calm the mind and body. Stay in this pose anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes.
  3. Fire Log Pose (Agnistambhasana) Sit indian style on the floor, but pull your right foot on top of your left leg and set it on top of your left knee. Flex your foot so the sole is perpendicular to the floor. This pose stretches the hips and groin where we tend to hold a lot of tightness and tension. Switch legs when you feel fully stretches and relaxed.

Yoga builds greater inner calm, enabling you to deal with pressures and tension in a more constructive way. For many, it has resulted in less stress and a more focused state of mind in the classroom. That is why we offer free access to our yoga studio and classes for our students. So whether you are a part of our aesthetic school or our massage therapy school, take advantage of everything USTA has to offer!

The Benefits Of Starting Your Day With Lemon Water

Posted on: July 15th, 2016

lemon waterHere at USTA nutrition is an essential chapter in our skin care program. We teach our students about the benefits of what you put in your body can really make a difference in the overall appearance of your skin. There are many benefits to drinking lemon water during the day, but especially when you first wake up! Below are a few benefits to starting your day with lemon in your water.

Benefits of starting your day with lemon water

  • Hydration: Our bodies are naturally dehydrated when we wake up in the morning. Starting your day with lemon water helps to rehydrate and replace the fluids that are lost in your body. 
  • Aids in digestion: Lemon water helps flush out toxins in the body. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid that is required for digestion.
  • Balances pH Levels: Lemons are naturally acidic on their own, but they are one of the most alkalizing foods for our bodies. Drinking lemon water regularly can help to remove overall acidity in the body, including uric acid in the joints, which is one of the primary causes of pain and inflammation.
  • Clears Skin: Lemon water helps to clear skin and fight free radical damage. Lemons are packed with vitamin C which is vital for healthy, glowing skin!
  • Energizes and Enhances Your Mood: Ever feel sluggish in the morning? Reach for the lemon water first thing in the morning to feel energized.
  • Boosts Immune System: Lemons contain citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene that promote immunity and fight infection.


Does anyone else have a new found LOVE for lemons? Here at USTA we understand how important it is to learn about nutrition not only for skin health, but overall health as well. Click to learn more about our skincare program at our aesthetic school.