Starting Your Career as a Medical Esthetician – What to Expect

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Starting Your Career as a Medical Esthetician – What to Expect

Posted on: October 7th, 2015

Aestheticians are professionals who specialize in skin care most often performing their duties under the watch of physicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Their main role is to enhance the beauty of a skin through non-surgical means for a wide range of patients. Skin conditions vary among individuals. They are those whose seek aesthetic services because of injuries they might have sustained while others visit these professionals because of underlying medical conditions. As a professional in the field, you are likely to encounter with burn patients, cancer patients and other individuals suffering from other dermatological problems. It is the responsibility of aesthetician to show a client how to use makeup, foundation and powder so as to minimize the occurrence of skin traumas.

One needs to be formally trained so as to be recognized as a medical aesthetician. The training begins by enrolling and registering in a skin care program at a cosmetology school that has been approved by the cosmetology board in your state. Esthetics school Chicago has been licensed to train aestheticians within Chicago. Training may vary between schools but standard program runs for nine months. Other community colleges and massage schools also have their certificate and associate degree programs in the field. Massage school Chicago also trains enthusiastic students who are ready to start off a career in this lucrative field. Those that opt to start off at the certificate level can advance through on-job training or by through supplemental training programs to become medical estheticians.

What to expect from medical estheticians?

Working out on Wrinkles

Most of the people dread wrinkle and would do anything to eliminate them. There are different types wrinkles; static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles and wrinkle folds. Each of the types has their cause and also a different way to remove them. Medical Estheticians specialize in the non-surgical removal of these wrinkles leaving your skin looking younger.

Eliminating Fat

When there is an excess accumulation of fat, it may result in ugly looking contours on various parts of the body. Fat accumulation also causes cellulite, especially among women. The good thing is that medical estheticians provide help you eliminate fat from the unwanted regions in the body giving you a better look.

Skin Tightening

When there is drastic weight loss, it can result to skin sagging especially on the arms and areas around the stomach. It will require the intervention of a medical esthetician to tighten the loose skin.

Even Out Skin Color and Acne Control

Sometimes the skin may lose its pigmentation making it have uneven color. There are also conditions that make certain parts rough than others. A skilled professional can help one to regain the confidence without much pain.