Simple Steps To Becoming A Massage Therapy Professional

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Simple Steps To Becoming A Massage Therapy Professional

Posted on: December 21st, 2015

Being a masseuse or a masseur is the only profession that gives the therapists a direct personal contact with your clients. A massage therapist can work at their clients’ homes, in a heath care facility, spa environment or from their client’s home place. Whichever the context, becoming a massage therapist professional is an amazing career that has tremendous rewards to people who love it. For a person to become a professional massage therapist from a medical esthetics school Chicago, there are key areas of human body system to clearly understand that is muscular structure, body function and anatomy.

There are many problems that medical esthetics school Chicago help in counteracting. These segments of issues include:

Reduction of Wrinkles

Wrinkle treatment involves getting the correct wrinkle solution to match the face f the client. Depending on the types of wrinkles, dynamic, static of wrinkle folds medical aesthetic professional will administer the solution accordingly. Dynamic wrinkles are treated by weakening the wrinkle muscles to trigger a reduction in the extent of the facial wrinkles. The muscles can also be reduced by introducing Botox Cosmetic into the muscles. Static wrinkles are caused when the skin is exposed to excessive sunlight, smoke, poor diet and extended dynamic wrinkles. Wrinkle folds, on the other hand, occur as a result of sagging facial structures that create grooves between the nose and the mouth. Massage therapy school corrects this type of wrinkles through surgical procedures.

Fat elimination at massage therapy school Chicago

Regular massage on the person’s body parts that help reduce fat other than relying on exercise alone. There are two type of fat that medical aesthetic professional will eliminate from your body. The Visceral fat that accumulates mostly around the stomach section and subcutaneous fat that accumulates easily below the waist. Visceral fat does not last for long unlike subcutaneous fat. Medical aesthetic professional can apply mechanical massage treatment, connective tissue treatment or the lymphatic drainage treatment. Although massage will not give the customer a direct fat elimination, it facilitates the process of elimination in an efficient way.

Skin tightening

Some People have loose skin due to weight loss while other just have it naturally. Massage therapy school Chicago gives facial skin care and applies compression to parts with loose skin and pushing into the tight areas to access the muscles. The massage can either be done dry or with a thick massage cream that enhances compression. Massage helps overcome a sagging skin, especially on the highs, upper arms and stomach. The skin feels firmer after the massage since the blood cells are stimulated.

Color therapy

Using color therapy techniques, medical aesthetic professional brings out an even skin color to people who need the service. The theory is applied based on the fact that lack of light on the human skin results to a dysfunctional body. Specific colors are used to treat different parts and lead to an even skin color because each color has its unique frequency and vibration.

Acne control

At medical aesthetics school Chicago, victims of acne get massage treatment to control and reduce the problem. The professionals apply natural oils, facial packs anti-biotic and by pressing certain points of the body. The treatment helps in controlling acne while enhancing a smooth skin texture.