Rewarding Careers in Massage Therapy

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Rewarding Careers in Massage Therapy

Posted on: May 16th, 2015

A career in massage therapy can be very rewarding. To become a certified massage therapist in the Chicago area, the individual must complete the unit requirements in an approved training program and pass a license exam. The training program covers basic anatomy, then continues with massage techniques for major areas of the body including the head and neck, shoulder and thoracic, the lumbar and pelvic area, and the lower extremities.

The student will learn to gather information from the patient and evaluate the type of pain that is experienced by the client. He will then be able to tailor a treatment plan for the client with the appropriate massage technique to effectively ease the pain.

The student will get extensive training in myofascial therapy. The fascia is a layer of tissue that wraps around the muscles. The student will gain an understanding of how the muscle pain is impacted by the fascia and will learn massage techniques in freeing the muscles from pain.

Sports massage is also taught. This area of massage is high in demand because it is applied to athletes and people who are highly active. Sports massage uses a specific set of techniques to help these active individuals recover quickly from injury and improve performance.

Massage techniques for pregnant women are also taught. Massages are often beneficial in relieving pain experienced by the pregnant woman. The student will learn about the special needs of an expectant mother, including how to position the body appropriately, and help the patient relax a little better.

Among the other types of massage techniques taught are shiatsu, which is a form of massage that uses the fingertips and which does not use oil; Swedish massage, which uses oil and long strokes that glide over the muscles to help the client achieve maximum relaxation; advanced deep tissue massage, which targets the deep layers of muscles in areas that had been particularly problematic for the client.

A reputable Tinley Park massage school offers comprehensive training in a wide variety of massage techniques. People who are certified can find careers in a hospital setting, rehab center, a physical therapy clinic, or they may go into private practice.

A new career as a massage therapist begins with getting high quality training from the best Tinley Park massage school. Those in this profession find the work very fulfilling as they help people find solutions in pain management and improve their quality of life.