Relieving Stress with Massage Therapy

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Relieving Stress with Massage Therapy

Posted on: July 14th, 2015

The “laying on of hands” is a practice often referred to in ancient texts like The Bible, to refer to a healing practice. There’s no doubt that the caring, expert touch of one human to another can do wonders to soothe and restore aching muscles, release stress and restore peace of mind to the one receiving that healing touch. It’s no wonder, then, that the modern medical community is embracing massage and other aesthetic practices, like those practiced at a Massage Therapy School Chicago, as a healthy and healing way to soothe and restore patients in need of healing of all kind.

Massage has many benefits for those who need healing from pain, stress and fatigue. A professional massage, which may range all the way from a very light stroking of the muscles to a very deep, intense pressure on the muscles and ligaments, is practiced by therapists who are trained in all the muscle groups. Some therapists focus on areas of extreme tightness in the muscles, to loosen up stressed areas and bring in a feeling of release and relaxation. All of these benefits can help to restore energy and a more youthful aspect.Massage is also practiced as an alternative therapy in addition to many aesthetic practices, like facial treatments and skin exfoliation, to renew and invigorate. Massage Therapy School Chicago specializes in many of these practices, which can go a long way towards restoring a youthful quality in the overall look of the massage client.A deep cleansing facial, given by an expert aesthetician, is, along with massage, one of the best cures for tired looking skin. A skilled aesthetician will have many tools at her disposal for renewing the health of a patient’s skin. A deep cleansing facial works by using a series of treatments, including steam, and a special facial mask, (geared to the client’s skin type) to open up pores and clean out toxins. Some facials may also involve an exfoliation treatment to slough off dead skin. Once the skin is cleaned, a series of serums may be applied to soothe and promote healing.

The results of an expert facial treatment can be tremendous for anyone who wants to enjoy a truly renewed look. This, along with massage, is a healing touch that does absolute wonders for anyone who wants to be youthful, vigorous and healthy.