Relaxing During Your Massage

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Relaxing During Your Massage

Posted on: July 6th, 2017

Many people are not able to relax both their bodies or their minds during their massage therapy. At USTA, all our students are given hands on experience in their curriculum to begin their massage therapy career with a holistic approach to massage. We thought we would share a few tips to take with you to your next massage treatment so it may be more relaxing and balanced!

Relaxing Tips for the Mind and Body During a Massage


Close your Eyes – When you close your eyes during your massage, it helps your mind slow down and not to be on alert mode.

Don’t Talk – Catch up with your therapist before you are given the few minutes to undress and prepare for treatment. While you are being treated, focus on a happy thought or imagine your body is a candle and slowly melting beginning with your head. Work through that image very slowly and your body should relax as the idea of muscles melting like a candle soothes the mind and tension within the body.

Deep Breathing – This is the best tip to benefit your body and your mind during a massage! Deep breathing will boost the flow of blood, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, increase the effectiveness of your lymphatic system, and detoxify your organs all while relieving stress. Begin a slow and steady deep breathing pattern.

Your body and mind will be both relaxed and balanced during your next massage treatment next time using three tips! Here at USTA, we are always up to date with recent trends in aesthetics and massage therapy. We look forward to helping train and guide you into a successful career in either massage therapy or aesthetics. To learn more, contact us at 630-968-6800, option 1 to speak with an admissions representative today.

Let your body and mind relax!

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