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Instructor Spotlight


Dr. Fazio is a Naturopathic Physician, Registered Polarity Therapy Educator, Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner, friend and all around cool dude!

  • Damon has created, directed, and taught Polarity Therapy Training Programs nationally and internationally since 1981
  • Dr. Fazio visits Japan annually to teach in Polarity Therapy Programs
  • He founded the first Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner Training in New Mexico
  • Dr. Fazio has been honored by the American Polarity Therapy Assoc. for pioneering work as a teacher and practitioner.
  • Recently Damon was honored for his work with APTA’s Standards for Practice and Education and serviceas an APTA Board Member
  • Dr. Fazio served for 18 years on the Board of Directors of APTA, two years as President of the organization.
  • Dr. Fazio teaches Intro to Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral, and Reflexology at USTA and we love him.
  • New Mexico Green Chile is his kryptonite!!