Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent makeup is incredibly popular and well-trained individuals have tremendous earning potential. Technicians are increasingly incorporating permanent cosmetic training into their advanced education to appeal to the clientele in the growing industry.

At USTA, we are constantly evolving our aesthetics program to include the latest trends in the skincare industry. For this reason, Universal Spa Training Academy is proud to be an exclusive partner with Deesignz Artistry.

As part of this aesthetics program, USTA students will:

  • Participate in permanent makeup seminars by DA’s expert staff at our campus.
  • Observe permanent makeup procedures performed by skilled trainers at DA’s Oak Park location.
  • Build confidence in their personal skills and career.
  • Be eligible to participate in externships.
  • Receive business knowledge for the future.
  • …and more.

Learn what it takes to become a well-trained artist with permanent makeup training.

Another great revenue stream brought to you by Universal Spa Training Academy.

Deesignz Artistry is licensed by the Illinois ‘Department of Health’, certified with Certified Professional Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) and the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAMP).’