Popular Beauty Trends For 2017

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Popular Beauty Trends For 2017

Posted on: December 28th, 2016

As we are getting ready to ring in the new year, we have been on the hunt to find popular beauty trends for 2017! This past year some popular beauty trends included major contouring, the dark lippy, triangular french manicures and braided ponytails. Even though these trends shaped 2016, we are excited to see the beauty trends that will shape the New Year.

Popular Beauty Trends for 2017

  • The Baby Face– The contouring fad is almost on it’s way out according to the connoisseurs at Vogue.com. A lighter version of the heavy chiseled and bronzed contour look will be more of a “plumped cheek”. This look includes full lashes, pearly pink lips, and of course a rose colored blush or light dusting of copper on the cheeks. A Rosey highlight on the upper cheek bones will complete this fresh skin look.
  • Light Mauve Or Pink Shade Lips. These lighter shades are not only perfect for spring/summer, but these colors will stay popular and fresh all year round.
  • Soft, Uneven Curls. The classic beachy waves are definitely making a come back! In 2016 this look was definitely on the popular rise.
  • Say Hello To High-Gloss. Matte lipsticks and shadows are looking to make its way out. Even though these products are still popular, it is all about the high gloss lipsticks and shimmery shadows in 2017.
  • Pastel and Chrome Nails (oh my!) Solid pastel colors as well as chrome nails will be a beauty trend.
  • Cut-Crease Eye Makeup. If you haven’t seen this look, the best way to explain it is contouring for your eyelids.

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