Massage Therapy Schools In Chicago

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Massage Therapy Schools In Chicago

Posted on: February 17th, 2015

There are many massage therapy schools in Chicago that offer unique programs. Among the various institutions, the National University of Health Science is a crowd favorite. It is located in Lombard, IL, which is about 20 miles outside of Chicago.
The National University of Health Sciences

At this school, teachers give students detailed massage lessons and hands-on training. The courses consists of ethical practices, soft tissue physiology, biomechanics, and exam processes. Teachers also cover different therapeutic techniques, such as massages by chair and trigger point therapy.

Information About all Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago

You can find a number of schools in Chicago that offer 900-hour programs for various massage techniques. Instructors teach different massage courses so that their students can provide a variety of massage services after they graduate. Basic courses include deep tissue, anatomy, aromatherapy, kinesiology, acupressure, energy massage, hot stone massage, and lymphatic massage.

You must take an anatomy course so that you can learn about different body parts. The best massage technicians understand how to pinpoint specific parts around the bone and skeletal structure.

Instructors cover aromatherapy techniques because the tactics help clients relax during a massage. Aromatherapy also improves the quality of the skin.

Energy massage balances energy in the body. According to scientific studies, it is an efficient massage technique because it involves the use of an electro-magnetic field.

If you want to help people who have foot-related problems, you should take a foot reflexology course. Although this massage technique relives foot pain, it can also reduce pain throughout the entire body.

Hot stone massage is a popular massage method that many clients prefer. Heated stones are placed on the body to relieve aches and pains. The stones can also be used with oil during the therapy. The oil helps a massage therapist perform a gliding technique.

After Graduation – Helpful Career Advice

After you gradate, you will have dozens of career options. Although most companies pay well, some graduates start their own massage practices. Starting a practice is not always easy because it requires a lot of time and effort. Also, the process of setting up the practice is not cheap; you will need a hefty financial investment.

Getting a regular massage therapy job is the best option because you can learn while you work. After you have several years of experience working as a massage therapy, you will have the skills and the finances to launch your own massage practice.