Massage Therapy- Between the Past and the Present

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Massage Therapy- Between the Past and the Present

Posted on: May 22nd, 2014

Since the dawn of time and many ancient civilizations used and relied on massage therapy as a form of treatment for a lot of diseases. The massage therapists who performed this science were practical people who did not have any kinds of formal training, just a few tips and general knowledge that they learned from their elders, but nothing as fancy as going to a massage school.

A few decades ago, massage therapy was looked upon as a way people pamper themselves and to relax. So it was considered as a form of leisure and not a real medicine. This is not the case now, as massage therapy has come a very long way since then as massage therapy is now a certified and an accepted form of therapy in the medical community and in the public community. Now, massage therapists are well trained specialists who undergo a scientifically designed learning course that includes practical implementation as well as theatrical studies, just like any form of science.

Now, almost every sport’s team has to have its own massage therapist with it at all times to guarantee the wellness of its players. In fact, it is so accepted that it has a huge demand on it that there is a shortage in massage therapists.  This is why more and more massage therapy schools in Chicago are opening their doors for all massage enthusiasts who have the passion for it and want to pursue a career in this field.

Massage therapy depends on manipulating the body’s soft tissues. This can be done by pressure, taping, squeezing or by certain stroke patterns. This will result in the relaxation of the muscles which will relax spasms, cramps, knots and ease any muscle tension.

Most states nowadays, and some cities and counties have their own valid licensing system for massage therapists. For example, if a person in Chicago is looking forward to be a licensed and a certified therapist, he will have to pass the examinations of the board that is accredited by the federal govt. Although one can find a lot of information about massage therapy online, gaining the required knowledge to pass the exam and to be a superb massage therapist can only be done by attending courses at a massage school in Chicago.

Any massage school Chicago will offer an average of five-hundred hours of instruction that takes place in a classroom as well as supervised hands-on training. This hands-on training can take place within the premises of the medical esthetics school Chicago, or it can be in a massage parlor or a spa that is associated with the school.

The courses that the students will attend will teach them about the kinesiology, the pathology, the physiology and the anatomy of the human body before they can move on to the massage courses. The massage courses include massage history, the different massage techniques and strokes as well as ethics, nutrition and Treatment principles.