Massage Therapy and Esthetics School Chicago Prepares You for a Lifetime of Success

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Massage Therapy and Esthetics School Chicago Prepares You for a Lifetime of Success

Posted on: November 15th, 2015

Everybody wants to look and feel their best, so if you are creative in using your hands, chances are you will succeed as an Esthetician. Schools in Chicago will teach such techniques as reducing wrinkles, tightening skin and eliminating fat. Esthetics School Chicago has all inclusive certificate programs that offer an education for a rewarding career making people feel their best. A career in Esthetics and Massage Therapy will give you a lifetime of fulfillment and satisfaction on top of a very reasonable salary.

What do the Programs Consist of?

Esthetics schools Chicago typically have a variety of programs to choose from. The most current, up-to-date programs are:

1) Cosmetology, which includes courses in make-up artistry, hairdressing, hair colorist, stylist, and cosmetologist.
2) A curriculum in Esthetics includes courses in facials, waxing, make-up artist and Medi-Spa esthetician.
3) The Barber program includes Men’s stylist, Master Barber and Barbershop Management.
4) Nail Technology and Manicuring include Statute and Rules, Sanitation, Anatomy and Disorders, Pedicuring Chemistry and Advanced Manicuring.
5) Every school has aTeacher/Instructor Training in the major courses, Cosmetology Teaching, Esthetics Teaching and Experienced Cosmetology Training.

These courses educate students in gaining the knowledge they will use in an active career helping people look their best. Reducing Wrinkles, controlling acne, tightening skin, smoothing and evening the skin texture as well as assisting individuals in eliminating fat are all areas that the student becomes proficient in.

Looking your very best is easy when you have the right Esthetician. He or she will be able to perform their magic by eliminating wrinkles, tighten up the skin and encouraging their clients with spectacular products they can use at home, and by visiting an Esthetician regularly, the results only improve.

These highlights of being an Esthetician give the clients a new lease on life. They feel better because they are not trapped inside a body that they are not completely happy with. Their real personality can come out from hiding behind glasses, hats and scarves. Nobody’s perfect, but everyone wants to feel like they are.

Esthetics in the Medical Profession

Estheticians are also very beneficial for those individuals who have been in tragic accidents and were left with scars and disfigured skin. The science of Esthetics and the incredible stimulating yet relaxing benefits of Massage Therapy can bring amazing results to every part of the body by improving circulation and smoothing the skin tones. Students may take one of the courses or they may take any combination; it only depends on their level of passion and talent.

Massage Therapy for Better Health

In Massage Therapy School Chicago, many schools offer a BS Degree, an Associate Degree and a Certificate Program. Depending on which program you opt for, you will easily find work in Massage Therapy in hospitals, spas, resorts, hotels, cancer centers, cruise lines and medicine and Massage Therapy centers across the U.S. Both programs are designed to bring out the very best in their clients, and when used together, the effects are multiplied.