Massage Techniques Offered at Massage Schools

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Massage Techniques Offered at Massage Schools

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015

Finding a massage school in Chicago can be as relaxing as receiving a massage. Several aspects should be considered when choosing a school. In addition to certification, the school should offer training and practice in a variety of techniques. Diversity in techniques will allow the student to find a specialty or offer a range of services.

Many massage techniques are available to meet the needs of the client. Depending on the specific desires and expected outcomes, some of the techniques taught in Schaumburg massage school include the following:

• Myofascial Therapy is an advanced massage technique that addresses problems through focusing on the muscles and the lining in between the skin and muscles.
• Foot Reflexology is a type of foot massage that is thought to relieve problems throughout the entire body through meridians reflected in the areas of the foot.
• Lymphatic Massage flushes toxins from the body by using deep massage on the muscles.
• Shiatsu is a Japanese based massage technique that incorporates stretching and relaxation through finger pressure.
• Swedish Massage is a technique with long strokes, assisted by oil, to relax the entire body.
• Thai Massage uses stretching much like that in yoga.
• Hot Stone Massage is the placement of warmed stones along healing meridians on the body to release blockages and encourage the flow of energy.

All of these techniques can be incorporated into a massage practice for serving a variety of purposes. By learning different techniques, a massage therapist can offer massage for pregnant women, sports massage, energy massage, massage for people with injuries, and much more.

Having the option to learn different techniques opens the door for a larger variety of employment options. Massage Therapists who attend a Schaumburg massage therapy school can find work in many different settings. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers and physical therapy offices employ massage therapists to assist in the recovery of their patients.

Fitness facilities and spas employ massage therapists to offer additional services to their clients. Sports teams often employ massage therapists to help players recover after games or practice and to help recover from injury. Private practice is also an option for those graduates who prefer to own their own business.