Massage School Chicago Training for Professionals

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Massage School Chicago Training for Professionals

Posted on: February 5th, 2015

The massage therapy training school of Chicago conveys a world class type of education that gives the learners vast experience that will be inherent in their careers as massage therapists. The training school has well-experienced staffs that are instrumental in developing the careers of the learners as massage therapists. The staffs cooperate very well with their learners and are very friendly.

Most of them have busy schedules, but they always find time for their students and explain to them topics they did not understand well in class. The massage school Chicago is known for the knowledge in addition to therapy techniques it possesses that equip learners with the necessary skills that makes the employer search for them.

Ever since the school was founded more than two decades ago, it has been offering its students an academic foundation that will enable them open their private practices instead of being employed all their lives. Graduates from massage school Chicago might opt to be employed by treatment firms or work in hospitals earn a good living and develop their career to a higher level. The primary aim of the training school is all about, equipping its learners to be professionals that are highly sought for.

The school has an elaborate massage therapy curriculum. The curriculum consist of Swedish massage, acupressure massage, shiatsu massage , massage for expectant women, chair massage, body mechanics, energy massage, foot reflexology ,rocking and shaking massage, massage for accident victims, massage for cerebral palsy patients, deep tissue massage sports massage , Thai massage and aromatherapy.

The school curriculum has sessions that are commonly meant for assessment of the learners in addition to customization massage sessions. The training skills that are incorporated in the curriculum include; skills in critical analysis of the needs of clients which are typically varied, advanced massage in deep tissue, orthopedic massage, somatic, medical massage tips and clinical massage for sports.

The schools location is very convenient for learners this is because it’s near the road that is 15 minutes’ drive to the city. As a result, transport is not an issue for students. Free parking is available in the neighboring mall. The classrooms are well equipped with massage tables as well as chairs. Skeletons models are also available which are critical for the students while they learn the human anatomy. There are medical charts on the lab walls that have pictures of different body parts especially the leg and the arm.

There are also overhead projectors that the lecturers use while teaching. Students get notes and list of books to read on for research on their emails. The school has a well-equipped library that is always open all through up to public holidays and Sundays.

The school environment is quiet and peaceful which is very conducive to learning. There are café’s where students can get their meals and well-designed seats that students can use while eating and studying at the same time.

The Chicago massage therapy training school approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.