Marketing Strategies For Your Beauty Business

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Marketing Strategies For Your Beauty Business

Posted on: December 10th, 2017

Here at USTA, you will benefit from FREE business classes, included with every program! We help you prepare yourself for life after school. Marketing your business is a year round must, but what about marketing your beauty business to push for the year end? In this article, we want to cover some tools and strategies that you can implement today to generate more sales and overall gear up your business marketing into the New Year!


Strategies to market your beauty business


Advertising on a budget

As a business owner, expenses can be tight. How to you effectively market your business on a budget? Allocate a certain dollar amount to marketing and stick to it!


Create discounts on products/services

Offer a sale on services and products. For example, offer a 10% off a certain product for the month or period of time. With the holidays approaching, customers are more prone to buying products and services for a discount price. Be careful to not give away too much, but just enough for it to be a win win!


Host a ‘How To’ workshop

Stand out by positioning yourself as an expert in your field. For example, host a workshop for application to turn a natural makeup look into a night time holiday party look. Theme them to get a clear message to your audience about what you will be offering and the value.


Build an email list

Don’t really know who to market to? Building an email list of clients who want to be in the know of what specials, promotions, events


Get Social!

Promoting your business online is an absolute must! Use tools such as Hootsuite or Postplanner to schedule your posts for the week or month.


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