Maintain Younger Skin by Visiting Your Esthetician

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Maintain Younger Skin by Visiting Your Esthetician

Posted on: April 27th, 2015

The health care system is broken up into many smaller sub-sections. This is done to make sure people are receiving the best care available from the best trained professional. If someone needs an eye exam, they go to an optician. If they have back problems, patients know to see a chiropractor. Where do people go when they want to take care of their skin and keep it looking and feeling young?

Many people would say that a dermatologist should be the first stop for skin issues. While that may be true for serious conditions and life-threatening diseases, normal day-to-day skin care and tips can be gleamed from a visit to a local esthetician. Esthetics consists of a group of treatments that aid in maintaining healthy and vibrant skin performed by trained professionals from a specialized Esthetics School Chicago institution.

The main difference between dermatologists and estheticians is that dermatologists are licensed physicians focused on disorders of the skin. An esthetician does not need a license, but they do receive intense training from Esthetics School Chicago facilities. This training not only involves the training needed to help patients with their skin health, but it also includes education on detecting serious medical conditions that will need to be addressed by a specialist.

To help their patients retain the glow of their younger selves, estheticians use a wide variety of procedures and techniques. One of the more popular services provided is exfoliation. Exfoliating rids skin of dead cells and leaves it looking and feeling healthier. For more serious concerns, estheticians may use a chemical peel. This exfoliating process can be used to help alleviate or treat many different skin concerns like acne, scarring and aging.

For individuals with acne or similar skin conditions, a very common procedure is extraction. This is a deep cleansing process used to clear pores either manually or with a special tool designed for extractions. In some more serious cases, a lancet may be used. Deep pore cleansing is beneficial to the skin’s ability to clear itself and remain blemish free.

Before any of this is done, an esthetician may suggest getting a facial. This one process is a combination of exfoliating, skin cleansing and other therapeutic procedures to help your skin. This will also give the esthetician a chance to learn more about a patient’s skin needs and what future procedures should be recommended.