Learning “Client Handling” at any Massage School Chicago

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Learning “Client Handling” at any Massage School Chicago

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013

There are many things that you can learn at any esthetics school Chicago; this includes massage techniques, different massage types and other topics such as the human body anatomy, physiology and more. Besides the training that you need to implement the massage in the right way, you will have to learn how to handle and interact with your clients in a professional way, it is called “client handling”. It is a topic you should look for and make sure that the therapy school that you have chosen offers it, because it is a topic that some schools tend to ignore.

Client handling is the term that is used to describe the masseuse’s interaction with the client regarding anything that is not related to the massage treatment. These interactions include face-to-face meetings throughout an appointment and can also include text messaging, emails or phone calls. In order to be able to successfully handle the client, you will need to be professional and have the needed clinical knowledge as well as elements of customer service. You will have to make sure that you pay extra attention to the small details that many people tend to ignore. These details can look unimportant and trivial, but when they are added together, they can greatly affect the success of your business and your ability to build a client base.

What are the key client service skills that you will learn at a Massage Therapy School Chicago?

The first thing is to have a client-centered attitude. This means that you have to show your clients that they are getting one-hundred percent of your attention. They have to feel that they are at the center of it all. They have to feel that from the moment they step in until they leave the clinic.

The second thing is making sure that the client is comfortable in the environment that surrounds him and especially when he is on the massage table. This will help them relax and feel safe which can help increase the effectiveness of the treatment that you will administer.

Good communication skills are also required; in fact, they are the heart of client handling. This is because you will need them throughout your experience with the client. This includes your first face-to-face meeting, a phone call and of course, the treatment itself. You have to be friendly, talkative but not in a way that will make the client feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, you will have to individualize your service. This means that you have to treat each client differently, which will make him or her feel unique. Every client has to be treated in a special way, so you will have to tailor your time and your attitude with them to make sure that they are comfortable and happy.

There are only mere guidelines for good client handling, you can find more advices and more ways to help you become a professional client handler at the medical esthetics school Chicago that you chose.