Interested in Learning More About Medical Esthetics?

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Interested in Learning More About Medical Esthetics?

Posted on: May 18th, 2016

Medical esthetics is a general term that encompasses practices whose aim is enhancing the appearance of those suffering from skin wrinkles, excessive fats, excess hair growth, skin streaks and laxity. Traditional medical aesthetics methods focused on the elimination of these disorders through surgical operations, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery.

In recent times, more advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures have emerged. These include liposuction, body implants, non-surgical liposuction and chemical peel. Both methods have proved to be successful to some degree. For maximum efficiency however, practitioners are use a permutation of both methods.

Medical esthetics procedures are meant for creating a better physical appearance among those who undergo the operations. The psychological benefits of these procedures include increasing the self-esteem of patients. These patients may have undergone emotional abuse in the past owing to various disorders. The operations have made such people seem acceptable in the society. Once acceptance is attained, the patient’s emotional well-being is guaranteed. Medical and esthetics experts can help their clients in the following ways.

Reduction of Wrinkles

It is common to find people who get dissatisfied with the appearance of their skin due to the presence of wrinkles. This is a major source of worry and is mostly caused by ageing. Treatment at esthetics clinics often entails the application of laser technology to eliminate the wrinkles. Patients benefit from having a youthful appearance after the operation.

Elimination of Fat

There are procedures that are specifically tailor made for those who wish to loose excessive fat under their skin. The condition is known as cellulite and it gives those experiencing it a puffed-up appearance. The skin may also pucker because it is normally pushed against the connective tissues. There are many products advanced to eradicate cellulite. Liposuction however stands out as the most effective method. Once it has been carried out, patients’ blood circulation is bound to increase. In addition, cases of allergic reactions reduce.

Skin Tightening

There are patients who complain about their skin being too slack. Practitioners who have graduated from a medical esthetics school Chicago can help remove excess fat and skin. This is mostly done by making the underlying muscles taut. The operation is mostly performed on women who complain about excess fat and skin after childbirth. This leaves them healthier besides having better appearances.

Even Out Skin Color

Patients with skin blemishes and pigments should seek the services of experts from an esthetics school Chicago. These conditions often cause the discoloration of parts of the skin thus causing blotches. Medical esthetics procedures go a long way in eliminating the color patches. This leaves the skin evenly colored.

Smooth Skin Texture

Those experiencing rough and uneven skin have a variety of procedures to choose from. Treatment for uneven skin varies according to the age, race, and health of the patient. Laser rejuvenation is commonly used and has the advantage of leaving patients with smoother skin.

Control of Acne

Acne is a skin condition that affects a large number of people. Mild acne is often treated using lotions. Severe acne requires laser resurfacing or dermabrasion. These esthetic operations leave patients’ skin free of spots or pimples.