Improving the Quality of Life with a Medical Esthetics School Chicago

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Improving the Quality of Life with a Medical Esthetics School Chicago

Posted on: March 14th, 2015

For anyone looking to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves by going to a medical esthetics school Chicago is a superb choice. Esthetic procedures such as reducing wrinkles, eliminating fat, and tightening skin can transform a persons’ life, and must be done by an experienced professional.

Developing wrinkles is a natural part of the aging process. As a person grows older, skin cells divide at a slower rate, and the dermis (inner layer of skin) becomes thinner. Due to this process, the skin loses its stretchines. As an individual ages, their skin also loses it’s ability to hold moisture, oil, and heal as fast as it once could.

Normal facial contractions, like smiling or frowning, can contribute to wrinkles, as well as time spent in the sun and whether or not a person smokes.

To reduce wrinkles, a common procedure is dermabrasion, or scraping away layers of skin. Chemical peels, which dissolve layers of skin, are also used to create more youthful looking skin. Laser skin resurfacing is one of the newer procedures used to reverse the appearance of wrinkles.

Unlike dermabrasion or chemical peels, this may require the patient to undergo some down time to recover. Other lasers, which are used to heat the dermis and promote the growth of collagen, remove the surface of the skin and require no downtime for the patient.

Yet another option to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is Botox injections or fillers. Depending on the outcome sought by the patient and their health, a doctor at medical esthetics school Chicago can assist in deciding what is best for them.

Monopolar Radiofrequency, or Thermage, is a non-invasive procedure that has been practiced for over 10 years to help restore tightness in the skin. Like wrinkles, loosening skin is a natural part of aging, and every person experiences it to some degree.

The results do not look as dramatic or unnatural as a face lift, and the procedure can be performed again every 1-3 years, depending on preference. Most patients elect this procedure for treatment around the face, eyes, chin, and body.

A focused ultrasound, or Ulthera, targets skin at deeper levels to rejuvenate tightness. Furthermore, unlike plastic surgery, there is no cutting and no downtime for the patient. The most popular areas for this procedure to be performed is around the jawline, eyebrows, and chin. The Titan is a skin-tightening laser that is relatively new, albeit popular.

Eliminating fat is a major priority to many people, regardless of age, and can be performed a variety of ways. Traditional liposcution, although popular, is not always the most effective procedure for eliminating fat.

Some patients notice the fat growing back after the surgery is complete. There are new, non-invasive ways to get rid of fat, including CoolSculpting, Liposonix and UltraShape. With these procedures, fat is massaged away or eliminated using complex energy and lights. No matter what your personal goals, medical esthetics school Chicago can help you attain them.