How to Prepare for Your First Massage Therapy Session

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How to Prepare for Your First Massage Therapy Session

Posted on: July 14th, 2014

What You Need to Do

Even after you are trained at a massage school and certified as a licensed massage therapist, it is natural to feel a little nervous before giving your first professional massage, especially in a large city area like Chicago. Being too nervous will interfere with your ability to help the client relax. It is important to stay as calm as possible.

Here are five tips to help you relax and prepare so your first massage after graduation is a positive experience for both you and your first client.


1. Make Sure the Room is Ready

You will want to arrive early so you will have plenty of time to prepare before the client arrives. Make sure the room is clean and warm and that you have all the supplies you need on hand. You may want massage oils, tissues, a trash can and towels or robes. A well-prepared room will help you feel more prepared as well.


2. Tend to Your Physical Needs

Take a few minutes before the client arrives to prepare yourself physically. Go to the bathroom, get a healthy snack and get a drink of water. Take a few deep breaths and try to calm your nerves. You may also want to spend a few minutes listening to calming music in the massage room. Do whatever you need to do to relax.


3. Be Friendly, Yet Professional

Start the session off on the right foot by being friendly, yet professional. Introduce yourself, ask how the client’s day is going, and ask what the client’s concerns are or why they have come in today. This will help relax your nerves as you build a trust between you and your client. It will also help your client to relax and trust you as well.


4. Realize That the Client May Be As Nervous As You Are

Sometimes it helps to realize that the client may be nervous as well. While some clients may be completely comfortable with and familiar with the process, many will be uncomfortable lying naked on a table. Keeping a relaxed and calming demeanor is essential so you can help the client relax and enjoy their massage.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Being relatively new at this, you may be nervous or wonder if you are doing a good job. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback. Ask if the person would prefer a harder or softer touch and if anything hurts. Ask if there are any areas your client would like you to focus on. While you will not want to spend the whole time talking, getting a little information from the client can help you massage with confidence. Then you can relax, knowing you will be a pro in no time.

Giving a massage in the real world after graduating from a massage school Chicago may be a little intimidating at first, but don’t worry. With just a little practice and by using these five tips, you’ll be a capable, confident masseuse in no time at all.


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