How Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago Prepare you for Work

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How Massage Therapy Schools in Chicago Prepare you for Work

Posted on: March 8th, 2014

A massage therapy school in Chicago will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful masseuse and to be able to land a job or open up your own business. Some people believe that these schools will only teach them about the techniques of the trade, the different massage types and how to relieve pain. This is true, but that is not all what schools can offer, because these schools will prepare its students  for the work environment and in order to do that, it will have to teach them much more than just the theories of massage and the techniques of massage.

The Management

Massage therapy schools in Chicago will teach the students the managerial side of the business. This is because at spas and massage parlors, there are many other job opportunities other than being a masseuse. These facilities need managers and staff members and of course, they would rather hire someone who has knowledge of the business rather than someone who is oblivious about massage. It can also be quite beneficial to people who want to open up their own business as it will help them manage the place and manage their employees so their business can become more successful.

The Client Handling

Apart from the management, a massage school in Chicago will also teach its students a lot about “client handling”. Client handling is a term that is used to describe all of the interaction with the clients apart from the hands on massage. The interaction between the masseuse and the client will be face to face during the appointment or it can be through the phone, through email or a text message. Client handling will teach students how to interact with the clients in the best way in order to build an intimate relation with them so they can come back once again. This is essential to the success of their career because massage is all about repeat customers, so if you do not have a loyal base of regular customers, things will not go so well for you.

Client handling is all about customer service, it teaches you how to pay attention to every detail and listen to everything the client is saying, even if it is not related to the massage. You have to adopt a client centered attitude which means that the client comes first and he gets 100% of your attention. You should always have your room organized and prepared for the massage, you also have to figure out what the client wants and needs from the massage session and to be attentive and well tuned to the client’s body during the massage.

Another important part of the client handling courses shows students that they have to make sure that the client is completely comfortable in the massage environment. This will make him feel secure and he will always come for more massage sessions. This is why client handling is one of the most important topics that are covered by almost every esthetics school Chicago has to offer.