Estheticians in Training Must Pass Strict Testing

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Estheticians in Training Must Pass Strict Testing

Posted on: August 6th, 2014

There many ways to alter one’s appearance, from botox to plastic surgery. However, these procedures do not address the real issue that lies below the skin. This is where the field of medical esthetics comes in. This modern and progressive type of skin is practiced by specialists who have had the proper specific training in regards to these methods.

Those who are in training to become estheticians must complete rigorous procedures and pass strict protocols to be qualified to work in esthetics, as they are involved in the care and maintenance of the skin. Therefore, the institution a prospective student attends makes a huge difference in their knowledge of this profession, and medical esthetics school Chicago is a forerunner in the education of skin care with its Universal Spa Training Academy. The academy gives students real-world knowledge and strategies in practicing esthetics through a comprehensive and hands-on approach to teaching.

It has been proven that those who become students at this academy go on to be leading professionals in the industry with unique procedures. One such procedure that is studied can be referred to as Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is an effective and harmless procedure that involves the exfoliation of the top layer of skin, known as the epidermis. For those who have been plagued with a long history of acne scars or other imperfections on the skin, Dermaplaning can be a life-changing event in regards to feeling better about one’s appearance.

People who want a better complexion through methods that are non-invasive can turn to the Universal Spa Training Academy, by far the best medical esthetics school Chicago has to offer. One method, referred to as a Biolift facial, can take damaged skin repair it to a youthful new appearance. Similar to Dermaplaning, this Bilift procedure can eliminate imperfections and change someone’s life by improving their appearance and ridding them of their self-consciousness.

Anyone seeking to improve their skin’s appearance can also try the Galvanic Current that eliminates the toxins and other impurities that dwell in pores and also underneath the first layer of skin. Not only will this procedure drastically improve the appearance of the skin, it will also help prevent future breakouts of acne and blemishes on the skin. Special skin care products specifically made for cosmetic repair will also help to infuse the skin with nutrients that can improve its overall complexion.

The modern world’s hectic schedule can take its toll on anyone, and sometimes these stressful occurances manifest themselves physically. Hot and cold hammer massage treatments that are offered at the Universal Spa Training Academy have the ability to encourage relaxation through stress reduction and therapy. The hot side of the hammer is used to expand the pores on the skin and rid the body of toxins that affect appearance and health. Lastly, the cold side of the hammer is applied to the skin to close the pores and keep moisture locked in to keep the skin looking beautiful.

These methods can all work for everyone, yet they are only a few of the many procedures offered at this particular institution. Universal Spa Training Academy will not only improve your skin, it will also improve your life.