Essential Tools for the Professional Massage Therapist

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Essential Tools for the Professional Massage Therapist

Posted on: July 7th, 2014

While the type and amount of tools you will need to be a professional massage therapist will vary depending on what type of massage therapy you provide, there are a few tools that every massage therapist will need. Whether you work for a company that will supply these tools for you or you purchase them yourself after completing massage therapy school, be sure that you have all of these essential tools for the professional massage therapist on hand.
1. Massage Table

No matter which type of massage therapy you practice after you graduate from massage therapy school, a massage table is an absolute must. Make sure you do your research to find the sturdy and reliable table that has just the features you need at a price you can afford. Don’t worry if you can only afford a simple table at first; you can always upgrade to a fancier table with more options later.

2. Stool

Even if you do most of your work standing, chances are that you will have to sit down at some point. A small stool on wheels is an excellent way to get off of your feet while still being able to move around and take care of your clients. Choose one at a height that is comfortable and with wheels that move freely without squeaking.

3. Towels and Robes

Your clients will need to cover up their delicate parts while you are working on them for privacy and in order to keep warm. Make sure you are well stocked on soft and fluffy towels and robes that will help your clients relax and stay warm during their massage. White robes and towels are the most luxurious, but any unobtrusive color will do.

4. Lotions and Oils

Lotions and oils serve so many fantastic purposes that it would be silly to try to give a massage without them. Make sure you stock up on all the different massage lotions and oils you might need, as your clients will likely have varying needs and preferences. For example, some of your clients may prefer heated lotions, while others cannot have lotions with scents.

5. Music Equipment

Music is a great way to help your clients relax and enjoy their massage. Invest in a small CD player and several relaxation CDs that you can dedicate just for using during sessions. While you can get by with your phone in a pinch, a CD player looks much more professional, and it won’t ring or vibrate loudly in the middle of a massage session, disturbing the peace.

If you want to give a quality massage that keeps your clients coming back for more, having the right tools for the job is essential. These five tools are must-haves for any professional massage therapist, no matter which type of massage therapy you provide. If you can’t afford them all right away, be sure to prioritize building up your supplies over time, as these five tools can make all the difference.