Compassionate Individuals Study at Massage School Chicago

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Compassionate Individuals Study at Massage School Chicago

Posted on: November 13th, 2014

If you feel that you are a very compassionate individual whose basic interest is helping other people while living a life that make parallel with most of your values and aspirations, then you should greatly consider an occupation in Health and Wellness Coaching or Clinical Massage Therapy.

A growing number of individuals are taking up a precautionary and preventive approach to health. Therefore, opportunities in this broad field are precisely projected to grow exponentially as more human beings are seeking Massage Therapy services in order to maintain an active and healthy life.

Become a Professional Therapist

There are a number of institutions or nationally accredited massage school in Chicago which offer various Massage therapy lessons and skills. Some of these institutions include:
•The Soma Institute.
•Cortiva Institute. etc

There are also different types of programs and lessons that you can choose from. They include:
•Clinical massage therapy program; As a Clinical Massage Therapist, students are equipped with traditional skills and are able to use natural techniques to help individuals treat their painful ailments, relax overworked muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, while promoting the body’s overall health.

•Health and wellness coaching program; this is a certificate program that takes fifteen weeks to complete. Wellness and Health coaches play a crucial role in aiding various clients in maintain motivation, establishing goals, remain accountable and finally focus on each of their successes while they change and manage their lifestyle.

•Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy; this is a very informative program which is offered at various learning institutions all year round. Many accredited massage school Chicago institutes offer the full advanced four hundred and fifty hour Massage Therapy Program.

Massage Techniques

Learn to massage professionally takes a lot of commitment, work, effort, and also years of experience and study. Massage programs and techniques are carefully crafted and designed to make learning considerably simple. According to basic fundamental doctrines of holistic approach and inner healing these courses prepares you to comprehend diverse body needs and necessities of your customers. The following are example of the various Massage Techniques that are in use around the world;

•Rocking & Shaking; this massage technique keeps the entire body in a continuous and uninterrupted rocking motion to evenly loosen joints while release tight muscles.
•Physiology; this is the study and maintenance of all body systems, such as the Immune and Digestive Systems. Certain massage techniques under this platform have been very successful, especially in the hospital set up.

•Energy Massage; incorporates a technique that psychologically balances the body’s energy. This procedure was founded on scientific information that relates the body’s physiology to an electro-magnetic field.

•Traditional Chinese Medicine; this is an ancient system that was practiced by the Chinese community very many years ago. The method sees the body from an energy perspective and it also formulates the basis for acupuncture. These types of classes are known as the Shiatsu or acupressure classes.

•Foot Reflexology; it is a foot relaxing massage practice that is believed to address various body feelings. Foot Reflexology is used because the whole body is directly influenced by the nerve systems in our feet.