Choosing a Medical Esthetics School Chicago

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Choosing a Medical Esthetics School Chicago

Posted on: February 20th, 2014

Medical Esthetics school teaches individuals how to be estheticians, people who specialize in skin care. If skin care is an interest, there are things to consider before choosing an esthetics school.


Things To Consider


ONE: Understanding Skin.

Skin is an organ. Proper skin care can affect a person’s health and their self-esteem. A good esthetics school in Chicago focuses on caring for the skin as an organ. This is important because estheticians can also be found within the medical community.


TWO: Requirements to attend aesthetics school.

To attend esthetics school, a person needs a high school diploma or GED. Many esthetics schools in Chicago and elsewhere offer flexible schedules. This is convenient for people who work or have a family.


THREE: When looking for a school, does the school meet the requirements.

Many states have a requirement that estheticians attend a licensing program that requires at least 600 hours. It is important that those considering esthetics school do their research and make sure the school meets any requirements set forth by the state. Finding out the requirements is relatively easy. Admissions representatives from any esthetics school can give out that information.


FOUR: Understand the school’s philosophy.

Research is a valuable tool. Knowing the school’s philosophy toward its students and the field can give a perspective student insight on whether or not the school is a good fit. Ask to speak with instructors, current students, and graduates of the program.


FIVE: Tuition.

Tuition is a consideration for many people. The total cost for basic license classes is generally around $5,000.00. The good news is that financial aid is generally available to attend an esthetics school. A master’s license can cost almost $10,000.00. Ask whether or not the cost of tuition includes all textbooks, tools, and licensing fees.


SIX: Curriculum.

Curriculum is important. Estheticians do more than use a mud mask. A good esthetics school will design their curriculum to match or exceed the state standards for the field of esthetics.


SEVEN: Learn what the school teaches.

Esthetics school should teach skin analysis, body wraps, waxing, facials, salt glows, different spa treatments, aromatherapy, and make-up application. Those subjects are covered for the basic license. A master license can be earned by taking advanced courses.


EIGHT: Hands-on Experience.

Another important consideration is hands-on experience. Does the esthetics school offer an internship program or an in-house practice program that will allow students to gain experience? It is much easier to obtain employment in the field if the new esthetician has experience.

NINE: Opportunities after School.

Ask to speak with the career services specialist at the esthetics school. Important discussion topics include when and where job leads are posted, job placement, and resumes. Career services can also help an individual learn great interview skills.

The field of skin care is exploding. Picking the right esthetics school is important. It helps to attend an esthetics school held in high regard by the community.


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