Can Medical Esthetics Help You or Someone You Know?

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Can Medical Esthetics Help You or Someone You Know?

Posted on: January 11th, 2016

The care of people’s skin can improve not only a person’s appearance, but their over all quality of life. A person’s life can be greatly improved by the addition of regular visits to an esthetician.

Esthetics is the practice of caring for the skin. People may first think of dermotology when thinking of skin care, and they would be right. Dermotology is the medical practice of caring for the skin. Etheticians, however, deal with the skin on a different level and are only permitted to do minimally invasive procedures that include laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and chemical skin peels.

Estheticians are also responsible for things like body and facial hair waxing and skin wraps. Where dermotologists deal with things like skin diseases and serious illnesses, estheticians deal with day-to-day skin care and skin health like preventing acne, improving skin elasticity and clarity, and reducing fat in certain areas of the body and face.

Making visits to an esthetician can do amazing things to a person’s confidence. Estheticians are specially trained to try and make your skin and your general appearance the best that it can be without resulting to drastic measures such as cosmetic surgery. Being able to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, even out skin tone and texture, and maintaining the balance of moisture and nutrients in the skin by visiting an esthetician gives each client the ability to look their very best. Facials, waxing and other procedures can help rid people of minor skin conditions that leave them feeling self conscious and can help restore youthful glow. Estheticians are also great for maintianing clear skin for people who have naturally clear skin.

The benefits of visiting and esthetician are not limited only to the cosmetic. Medical esthetics can be helpful for health reasons as well. A good esthetician will be able to spot things that may need to be checked by a physician that might have been overlooked if skin care was exclusively home based. Things like bags under the eyes, outbreaks in certain areas and other minor problems can be symptoms of things like stress, exhaustion and unbalanced diet.

These initial indicators, if taken seriously and corrected, can help to prevent other serious skin an health conditions. People also often forget that the skin is the very first barrier against disease and infection. The health and strength of a person’s skin is incredibly important to living a healthy life and an esthetician’s job is not only to make sure that their client’s skin looks as good as it possibly can, but they also make sure that it is properly taken care of and healthy.

Esthetician visits are wonderful thing for both people concerned with skin health and for those who are concerned with the appearance of their skin. Finding a good esthetician is important. The esthetics school Chicago provides some of the most talented professionals in the field. People who properly care for their body on a regular basis by going to a massage therapist of a trained esthetician can improve their health, their quality of life, and their mental well being all at the same time.