Are You Looking to Become a Medical Esthetician?

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Are You Looking to Become a Medical Esthetician?

Posted on: October 26th, 2015

A medical esthetician is a professional who can assist people not only look better but also feel better about themselves. Esthetics schools in Chicago teach a number of procedures and treatments that can help a person tighten their aging skin, control acne, reduce wrinkles and even eliminate fat. The end result is a rewarding career and people who carry themselves more confidently and with more grace.

Reducing Wrinkles

There are a number of procedures and products that can be used in the field of esthetics to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. One of the more popular products being used right now is Botox. Esthetics schools in Chicago can teach the administration of Botox as well as other products such as Restylane. These products are designed to fill these trouble areas and make them look smoother.

Eliminate Fat

Ultrasonic technology is being used along with regular massages to eliminate trouble fat areas on the body. This noninvasive technique can easily be administered and massage schools in Chicago teach the benefits of stimulating areas using massage which will help increase blood flow to trouble areas. Working out afterwards can make it easier to eliminate fat on hard to tone areas. This is a much safer and less invasive procedure than say, liposuction, which requires anesthesia and the physical removal of fat from the body using invasive tools and procedures.

Evening Out Skin Color

There are a number of different issues that can lead to discoloration of the skin. Acne can leave behind scarring that changes the color of the skin. Sun damage is also a culprit. Getting too much sun or getting sunburned too many times can lead to permanent damage. There is also the potential for color changes that sometimes occur just as a person ages; over the course of many years. Ultimately, there are a number of products that an esthetician can use to help improve skin tone. Also, laser treatments and clarisonic treatments can be beneficial.

Control Acne

There are many different esthetics procedures that can help control acne. Regular facials, laser treatments, extractions and much more can result in clearer, healthier looking skin. This can also help smooth the skin and help give it a much younger and healthier texture.

The process of completing esthetics school in the Chicago area is very simple but still very interesting. The program is very hands on as the student learns to complete treatments and procedures. There are a number of work environments to choose from once the program has been completed. This can include doctor’s offices, spas, salons and much more. A rewarding career, estheticians help people look and feel their best when they leave an appointment.