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Academy Life

Although we’re serious about the education, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. At USTA, we strive to deliver more than just education to our students. USTA is a skin care and bodywork school where students come from different backgrounds and age groups but all with a common goal; to find an education worthy of the money they are being asked to spend.

Always remember that when you’re interviewing, first impressions are everything.
Be Ready in Mind..Body..Spirit

The MIND – Meditation Room
To stay focused on school and what is truly important in life, all students have FREE use of our meditation room.

The SPIRIT – Yoga Studio
Spirit is who you are as a person and what attracts other people to you (including employers). Yoga creates a healthier spirit, lessens stress and creates a more focused student in the classroom. All students have FREE use of our yoga studio and yoga classes.