A Career in Massage Therapy at a Massage School Chicago

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A Career in Massage Therapy at a Massage School Chicago

Posted on: April 7th, 2014

There are many advantages to selection a career in massage therapy. Professional massage therapy is both a rewarding career, and is a growing profession. There are many possibilities for employment. Also, a career in massage therapy is a healthcare and helping profession. A massage therapy education trains students to help clients achieve a good mind body state.

Embarking on a career of massage therapy, the first step is to find the best possible school and acquire excellent training. A potential student should look at a variety of massage educational institutions. One example of a massage education institution is the Universal Spa Training Academy massage school Chicago. There are options in the Chicago area for a student to be trained and educated in massage therapy. Potential massage therapy students should look at the Steiner Educational Group (SEG), The SEG operates massage therapy schools. There are several locations Chicago.

The SEG is accredited by Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). COMTA accredits massage therapy institutions both educational and clinics. COMTA is the accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. It is their role to set the standards for accreditation and assure the quality of the education. Schools like the Steiner Educational Group are accredited by COMTA and that means that they qualify for federal student aid.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. In Chicago SEG have specific financial aid packages. Students need only apply. Students may have difficulty with the fees and living expenses during their education. Financial aid can help with both fees and living expenses.

The Chicago SEG provides the highest quality training and education. The training is hands-on training. Students will learn the massage therapy techniques. There are a variety of massage therapy techniques which require that students understand the body and the needs of clients. Different clients will benefit from various massage therapy techniques.

In the Universal Spa Training Academy massage school Chicago, students will have the opportunity to train on real people. As part of the education, students use the techniques that they are learning and apply these massage therapy techniques to real people. For example, some clients have specific medical problems such as a sore shoulder. The student learns techniques to reduce the pain from the shoulder. These are specific physical problems. For many clients with pain, massage therapy has provided a significant reduction in pain. Reducing pain also improves the quality of life for those clients.

Also, some clients have a great deal of stress in their lives. They come for a massage to relax their body and their mind. Students will learn special techniques to help clients deal with stress. These techniques provide a meditative massage therapy. The environment is important to help the client begin the process of reducing stress. The environment can be spectacular such as lying on the beach. Another comforting environment is a closed quiet room. The room can have a sensual smell and calming music. Another environment for massage therapy is on the sea. Cruise ships offer massage therapy to their travelers. Massage is good for the mind and the body.