Becoming a Medical Esthetician in Chicago

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Becoming a Medical Esthetician in Chicago

Posted on: September 25th, 2015

When it comes to attaining good health and well-being, there are a variety of things an individual can do to ensure that they are getting the most out of their day to day activities. Unfortunately, many people are often to busy with their work, business, school or other important obligations that they may not have enough time to treat themselves to a nice day of comfort and relaxation.

Esthetics school Chicago provides students with an opportunity of achieving the rest and relaxation you need for the day to alleviate any stresses that may be negatively affecting your life. There are no doubts about the fact that there are a myriad of exterior factors that can put stress onto one’s life. However, it is imperative for the individual to know that there are certain remedies they can take advantage of to surpass and overcome such stressful obstacles in their lives. Medical esthetics school Chicago is employed by some of the most talented, skilled and experienced massage therapists in the nation. If you are looking for a career in the competitive field of therapy, then please do not hesitate to look into more information at massage therapy school Chicago. Massage schools offer you some of the best training, education and credentials you could attain in the entire community. Not only that, the lessons that are taught at massage school will stay with the student for a lifetime. Therefore, the student can venture off to a myriad of job opportunities with the training they receive at massage therapy school if they like. The student may even decide to open up their own business with the training they receive at medical esthetics school Chicago if that is one of their goals. Whichever avenue they decide to delve into in their careers, they should know that they are receiving a full and legitimate education and training experience at the institution.

Providing a service to clients that allows them to walk out the door looking and feeling their best is perhaps one of the best feelings for both parties, the client(s) and the institution. Massage therapists take pride in their work and the positive impact they are able to have on their clients. Unfortunately, many people do not attain the proper training, education and credentials that are needed to provide their clients with optimal therapy services. Make the right choice today!

Training to Become an Esthetician

Posted on: September 22nd, 2015

There are many different branches for the term medical esthetics in the world today and it should not be confused with aesthetic medicine. Dermatology, plastic surgeons, and even reconstructive surgeons may all fall under the umbrella of aesthetic medicine. Generally this term stands for anyone that helps another alter their appearance due to problems associated with scarring, moles, age spots, sun damage to the skin, and even with spider veins. A medical esthetician is the person who works with those in aesthetic medicine as a type of assistant.
Some of the duties of a medical esthetician involve giving facials, teaching clients how to apply makeup, exfoliating the client’s skin, and even giving a massage. Makeup application is taught to clients that may have missing facial hair due to a medication that they are on, or it could be to help them accurately cover a scar to help with their self image. Many medical estheticians will use a laser at some point in time in their career. These lasers are used to help remove hair, with acne therapy, and even with collagen remodeling. Microdermabrasion treatment is another duty that a medical esthetician may encounter. Microdermabrasion includes helping the client with the removal of age spots, dark patches on the skin, lighten up stretch marks, or even to treat scars from acne. A medical esthetician may also give a client massages but it is not the same type of massage given in a spa. The esthetician who has learned massage therapy through a massage school may give a client with poor circulation a massage to help improve the circulation or help generate warmth where the circulation has been poor. Massages are also used to for the reduction of stress as well as for building strength in the skin. The different types of massages given to clients can be learned through a qualified massage school Chicago. Medical estheticians may also give clients injections for various reasons including for Botox injections, or for dermal filler.
To become a medical esthetician one must first go to a specific school which will teach the students what they need based on the license requirements for the job within their state. An esthetics school Chicago will have different requirements than one in Michigan. The medical esthetics school Chicago will know that to become a regular esthetician through the Board of Cosmetology in Illinois it requires 750 hours of instruction. A massage therapy school also has specific requirements that need to be met before a license may be obtained. An esthetics school may for cosmetic purposes or a student may choose a school that caters only to the medical aspects of becoming a medical esthetician. The medical esthetics school Chicago is a more advanced program and licensing will require more instructional hours. A massage therapy school Chicago may or may not have the medical esthetic training involved in it so one may choose to attend the medical esthetics school as this is taught in many of the quality schools within Chicago.

Beginning Your Career as an Esthetician

Posted on: September 14th, 2015

Medical esthetics school Chicago offers a variety of treatments performed by students who attend the school and are training to become licensed estheticians. The treatments offered at the school include facials. Some facials are customized to treat the individual patient’s skin care needs, such as to even out skin color or control acne. Other treatments contain vitamin C and retinoid products, which help to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. By visiting anesthetics school Chicago for a skin care treatment, enjoying spa services at a fraction of the cost is just one of the perks.

Medical esthetics school Chicago is housed in the same building as massage school Chicago. Students attending the school may choose to partake in one or both courses, as many students will go on to enjoy careers in spas which provide both services. Enrolling in both courses will allow a student to enjoy double the earning power upon graduation. Professional estheticans provide a variety of services, many of which are on the cutting edge of beauty and skin care. Students will learn to customize facials to meet the needs of a client while helping to beautify their skin and smooth skin texture.

Some products used in a facial by an esthetician include antioxidants, which help to combat the free radicals which lead to aging, skin discoloration, and wrinkling. Common antioxidants used in facials include vitamin C, which is very potent and known for its ability to encourage collagen formation and to fade brown spots caused by sun damage. Estheticians can also provide more advanced services, such as microdermabrasion, which smooths the surface of the skin by sloughing away dead skin cells with a special tool that removes the top layer of the skin.

Esthetics school Chicago teaches students about proper body waxing techniques, as this is a part of an esthetician’s job. Hair removal including bikini and leg waxing are high dollar services and are often performed in conjunction with other services. The Massage School allows clients visiting the school to enjoy relaxing massages in addition to the services esthetic students provide. Massage therapy school also teaches students the anatomy of the body in great detail, which helps them to provide excellent massages with great understanding of the musculature tissues.

What Exactly is Esthetic Treatment?

Posted on: September 3rd, 2015

Esthetic Treatment can cover a broad range of medically beneficial treatments, but it simply, maintaining the health of your skin. When put that way it often becomes confused with dermatology, though typically has more specialized treatments and benefits. There are specially trained medical esthetics school Chicago professionals that can administer groundbreaking treatments to help preserve your youth.

While regularly visiting a Dermatologist will ensure that your skin is free from cancer and other diseases, an Esthetician takes steps to ensure the health of your body’s largest organ with specialized treatments and procedures.

A Microcurrent treatment is the process of applying small electrical “microcurrents” to the skin on the face to recharge the electrical system maintaining the elasticity and collagen in the face. While it may sound scary at first, this procedure is totally painless and can be used to treat wrinkles, swelling, dark circles, smaller pores, and aging.

Over the years the body begins to slow down, and the energy in the body once focused on maintaining a youthful appearances, shifts towards overall health. Smoking, sun damage, and diet can all add to the aging process. LED Phototherapy uses UV light to remind your body of how to care for certain areas and field.

On top of more familiar treatments like Microdermabrasion and Chemical Exfoliation, many Medical Aestheticians also focus treatment of Electrodesiccation. This is a simple procedure that can be done right there in the Esthetician’s office and is used to remove non-cancerous growths, treat skin cancer, and care for other sensitive areas on the face. Electrodesiccation involves a needle-like electrode that is used to heat the skin in extremely precise areas. Again, it sounds scary, but this treatment is painless and can add years to your youthful appearance.

Estheticians are specially trained to care for your skin and your overall appearance. They are literally individuals who have been trained to maintain a vibrant appearance and keep you looking younger. Trust the professionals to help you fight aging. While some medical conditions may require additional specialists, visiting a medical aesthetician will give you a chance to relive your youthful appearance and feel younger. Which is really what we are all looking for, right?

Looking for a new career where you can genuinely help people? Excited to learn all of the benefits of aesthetic treatment? An esthetics school Chicago sounds like exactly what you’re looking for!