Advantages of Exfoliating Salt Treatment

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Advantages of Exfoliating Salt Treatment

Posted on: May 27th, 2015

The Dead Sea has long been known for its healing properties. People will travel from all over the world just to sit in these waters. It’s not the sea itself, but rather the vast salt content that promotes restorative needs. An Exfoliating Salt Treatment can do pretty much the same thing for the body that being tossed around in ocean water can. At the Skokie massage school, doing salt treatments is a part of the everyday curriculum. Understanding there amazing benefits and helping clients achieve positive results from this age old treatment is part of what makes this school great. So why have a salt treatment?

Reduce Toxins On Skin’s SurfaceSalt is all natural and not harmful to the body. One of the best properties about the treatment is that it conditions and inspires natural skin cell renewal. Exfoliation encourages skin repair by getting rid of the skin’s superficial layer and improving circulation within the body. It has also been known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some say that it helps prevent acne because it cleans and removes dead skin cells that are prone to clog pores. Once the outer layer of skin is removed, the skin can easily absorb moisturizing products and their benefit.Enhance Sleep

Most people don’t know that sea salt treatment can also help to enhance a regular sleep pattern. It was often used in ancient times by the Greeks and the Romans to help them to relax. The old term that was used was “tallassotherpay,” which in Greek means the sea. There are obvious external properties from using this treatment, but the psychological benefits may outweigh them all. It is known to improve the quality of sleep. As the salt scrubs the bodies’ surfaces, it washes away stress and anxieties. This allows the person to relax and sleep with ease.

Restore Circulation To An Area

One of the reasons why sea salt and table salt are so different is the process that is used. Sea salt is created by taking salt water and allowing it to evaporate overtime. What is left behind is pure salt and minerals from Mother Nature. It will leave the skin soft when used, and it doesn’t leave behind a greasy film. It provides many nutrients that the skin craves, and it has a vast amount of benefits. If an area is lacking circulation, like those with diabetes, it is proven that a rub with sea salt can increase circulation to the area. This is a huge issue for many who suffer from medical conditions that cause poor circulation. But, to think the solution is as easy as a salt scrub from an Aurora massage therapy school is amazing.

There is no need to use harsh chemicals that can dry and destroy the skin’s surface to exfoliate. Mother Nature has provided an excellent option that not only exfoliates but also has many healing and restorative properties too. Why not have amazing looking skin, and get the vast benefits from using this natural mineral.

All You Need to Know about Specialized Pregnancy Massage

Posted on: May 27th, 2015

Pregnancy is hard on the body. Women feel that hardship with every day they carry that bundle of joy. That is why many who give massages study specialized pregnancy massage. Those who get these should first know that there is such a thing as a Des Plaines massage therapy school that students looking to be certified in massages can attend to learn this. So, what are some things a woman should know about these massages?

One must first learn the benefits behind getting a massage like this when they are expecting. This can reduce the amount of stress. Stress isn’t good for the fetus and it’s not good for the mother even when she’s not pregnant. This will help reduce that stress they have. Another benefit of this is that it helps to reduce some of the pain a woman might feel when she’s pregnant. There is much stress on bones and joints due to the weight the woman is carrying. This makes the muscles relax which a pregnant woman really needs. Another big thing it can help with is the swelling which many women have during pregnancy.Some wonder what is the difference between a regular massage and a prenatal massage.
The first difference would be the table they use. There are many professionals who use a special table so it’s comfortable to the woman. It’s hard to lie on their stomach due to how big the stomach gets and the tenderness of the breasts. When they do the massage, they will focus on the areas where woman have the most stress on their bodies. The back is one area. The hips since they are working to expand to prepare for birth via the birth canal is another area they focus on.
They also work the feet and legs to help with circulation as the swelling hinders the swelling in these areas.While many think that a prenatal massage is the same as a regular massage, it’s important to understand that they aren’t the same at all. It’s wise when looking to get one of these to have it done by someone who went to a Des Plaines massage therapy school for safety reasons. They need to know what to do and what not to do. After all, it’s not just you that you have to think about. There is a little person just waiting to be born that you have to think about as well.

Health Benefits of Massage

Posted on: May 24th, 2015

A massage is frequently considered a luxury, but it can be a powerful and effective therapeutic tool to alleviate a number of medically induced issues. Training with a Medical Esthetics School Chicago produces talented and fully-versed estheticians who can perform massages for a variety of reasons. Massage can benefit patients in the following ways:

Lessens Anxiety

Massage can ramp up the body’s cortisol levels, calming anxiety and decreasing the effects of depression. Lowered anxiety levels can also improve concentration and the ability to relax.

Reduces Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common medical complaints today. Massage has been found to act as an effective pain reliever when medications no longer work. Massage is also a more pleasant, non-invasive option to surgery.

Soothes Aches and Soreness from Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatments can be as debilitating as the disease itself. Relaxing massage therapy has been studied and found to relieve aches, pain, fatigue, and nausea in patients receiving radiation and chemotherapy.

Improves Digestion

Stress and medical problems can cause digestive issues, but a massage can sometimes lessen the severity of indigestion and other stomach ailments.

Eases Headaches

Headache sufferers will try nearly anything to make a headache or migraine dissipate or vanish, but it is wiser to treat the source of the headache rather than the symptom. Tensed muscles, clenched jaws, stress, poor jaw alignment, light sensitivity, and many more issues can be the cause of frequent or occasional headaches. Massage can help the body relax, loosening muscles and joints, and improving the body’s ability to sleep, lessening the frequency and intensity of headaches.

Assists Injury Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation from an injury can be physically taxing and demanding on a healing body. Muscles and tendons are often tight from months of immobility, making rehab even more difficult. Regular massage can help loosen the tightness, aiding in the rehabilitation process, and making re-injury less likely.

Decreases Joint and Nerve Pain

Mobility can be greatly diminished due to joint and nerve pain, making physical activity less likely in which to be engaged. The longer a person goes without physical activity, the more difficulty moving becomes. Massage can assist in keeping joints functioning efficiently, alleviating pain and preventing pain from worsening. It has been found that massage can also reduce swelling, which can take pressure off painful nerves.

Minimizes Discomfort Associated with Pregnancy

Massage for pregnant women can reduce swelling, relieve stress, and improve circulation, which can be hampered due to advanced stages of pregnancy.

Diminishes Stress and Promotes Relaxation

A massage can loosen muscles, leaving an individual limber and relaxed. This relaxation can aid in sleep, especially when insomnia or other sleep disorders have been an issue.

Nurtures the Skin and Improves Appearance

Medical Esthetics School Chicago and other such schools teach that facial massage can benefit the appearance by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin, giving the client a healthy glow.

Massage Techniques Offered at Massage Schools

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015

Finding a massage school in Chicago can be as relaxing as receiving a massage. Several aspects should be considered when choosing a school. In addition to certification, the school should offer training and practice in a variety of techniques. Diversity in techniques will allow the student to find a specialty or offer a range of services.

Many massage techniques are available to meet the needs of the client. Depending on the specific desires and expected outcomes, some of the techniques taught in Schaumburg massage school include the following:

• Myofascial Therapy is an advanced massage technique that addresses problems through focusing on the muscles and the lining in between the skin and muscles.
• Foot Reflexology is a type of foot massage that is thought to relieve problems throughout the entire body through meridians reflected in the areas of the foot.
• Lymphatic Massage flushes toxins from the body by using deep massage on the muscles.
• Shiatsu is a Japanese based massage technique that incorporates stretching and relaxation through finger pressure.
• Swedish Massage is a technique with long strokes, assisted by oil, to relax the entire body.
• Thai Massage uses stretching much like that in yoga.
• Hot Stone Massage is the placement of warmed stones along healing meridians on the body to release blockages and encourage the flow of energy.

All of these techniques can be incorporated into a massage practice for serving a variety of purposes. By learning different techniques, a massage therapist can offer massage for pregnant women, sports massage, energy massage, massage for people with injuries, and much more.

Having the option to learn different techniques opens the door for a larger variety of employment options. Massage Therapists who attend a Schaumburg massage therapy school can find work in many different settings. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers and physical therapy offices employ massage therapists to assist in the recovery of their patients.

Fitness facilities and spas employ massage therapists to offer additional services to their clients. Sports teams often employ massage therapists to help players recover after games or practice and to help recover from injury. Private practice is also an option for those graduates who prefer to own their own business.

Rewarding Careers in Massage Therapy

Posted on: May 16th, 2015

A career in massage therapy can be very rewarding. To become a certified massage therapist in the Chicago area, the individual must complete the unit requirements in an approved training program and pass a license exam. The training program covers basic anatomy, then continues with massage techniques for major areas of the body including the head and neck, shoulder and thoracic, the lumbar and pelvic area, and the lower extremities.

The student will learn to gather information from the patient and evaluate the type of pain that is experienced by the client. He will then be able to tailor a treatment plan for the client with the appropriate massage technique to effectively ease the pain.

The student will get extensive training in myofascial therapy. The fascia is a layer of tissue that wraps around the muscles. The student will gain an understanding of how the muscle pain is impacted by the fascia and will learn massage techniques in freeing the muscles from pain.

Sports massage is also taught. This area of massage is high in demand because it is applied to athletes and people who are highly active. Sports massage uses a specific set of techniques to help these active individuals recover quickly from injury and improve performance.

Massage techniques for pregnant women are also taught. Massages are often beneficial in relieving pain experienced by the pregnant woman. The student will learn about the special needs of an expectant mother, including how to position the body appropriately, and help the patient relax a little better.

Among the other types of massage techniques taught are shiatsu, which is a form of massage that uses the fingertips and which does not use oil; Swedish massage, which uses oil and long strokes that glide over the muscles to help the client achieve maximum relaxation; advanced deep tissue massage, which targets the deep layers of muscles in areas that had been particularly problematic for the client.

A reputable Tinley Park massage school offers comprehensive training in a wide variety of massage techniques. People who are certified can find careers in a hospital setting, rehab center, a physical therapy clinic, or they may go into private practice.

A new career as a massage therapist begins with getting high quality training from the best Tinley Park massage school. Those in this profession find the work very fulfilling as they help people find solutions in pain management and improve their quality of life.

Earn a Massage Certificate- The Growing Field in HealthCare

Posted on: May 9th, 2015

There are a growing number of people looking for a preventive alternative to taking care of their health. Massage therapy is the answer to what they are seeking. Massage school Chicago can help those looking to find a career in this growing field. The opportunities in massage therapy are predicted to increase substantially as more people look for ways to sustain an active and healthy life.

Clinical Massage Therapy

At massage school Chicago enroll in a Clinical Massage Therapy course and receive a diploma in as little as 11 or 15 months. This course will teach natural procedures to assist people treat painful conditions, recover from injuries, relieve muscle aches and increase their general health. Students are given expert instruction on the major techniques used in proper massage therapy.

Asian Bodywork/Massage Therapist

The Asian Bodywork/Massage Therapist course provides the education needed for students to seek employment in the area of massage therapy as a private practice or in a healthcare/spa setting. The course provides attention to the methods used in the Oriental medical practices. It teaches the symptoms and the cause of many diseases and how a massage can be directed to reduce a patient’s discomfort. There are many methods used in the Asian bodywork massage methods including; Thai, Tui na and shiatsu.
When course is completed the student receive a Massage Therapist/Asian Bodywork certificate which states they have completed the necessary 33.5 unit program and are now ready for the massage exams.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Programs

Oriental medicine is continuing to grow as the field of integrated healthcare expands. There is a great need for practitioners in the Acupuncture and Massage Therapy fields. This course will train those looking to enter the healthcare system and provide them with the necessary tools regarding; anatomy and physiology, acupuncture points, herbology, needle technique and more related to acupuncture and massage.

Massage School Chicago Alternative

This course provides studies of applying acupoint and meridian systems used in Chinese medicine. It gives the students the ability to read messages sent by the body through aches and pains. The students are prepared with the needed credentials of an accurate environment and real world training by attending clinical externships. This program is designed to have students explore psychological and spiritual dimensions of the body. Students will also receive studies enabling them to understand the musculoskeletal disorders. Included in the study of Alternative Massage are the same Anatomy and Physiology training provided in other massage schools.

Benefits of Spa Facials

Posted on: May 5th, 2015

Benefits of Spa Facials

Many people assume that going to a spa to get a facial is just something that people do for fun, to feel good and relax; however, there are a vast amount of lasting health benefits that come from getting a facial. The fact of the matter is that spa facials are incredibly beneficial to the way your face feels, and looks and the results typically last for an extended period of time.

The first and foremost advantage to getting a facial done is the effect that facials typically have on your pores. Bacteria and dirt inevitably end up in your pores from day to day life, and getting a facial done is a great way to eliminate unhealthy buildup from the pores on your face. During a facial, you will have a Tinley Park massage school  specialist eliminate white heads and black heads from your face, while removing oil, dirt, and other unwanted things that get trapped in your pores. Your skin will be much healthier and youthful.

One of the biggest things your Tinley Park massage school specialist is going to do during a facial is to exfoliate the skin as an additional cleaning measure. This involves scraping away the dead skin cells, which will leave your skin looking great, but most importantly your face is going to feel amazing after. If left alone, dead skin cells will add to the clogging of your pores as well. You should always talk to your cosmetologist about the sensitivity of your skin, as everyone’s skin and face react differently. These procedures are very safe, but some allergic reactions may occur. Your esthetician will ensure that all treatments are comfortably and suit your skin. If you have never had a facial, you should tell the cosmetologist and they will likely start you off with a weaker exfoliator to gauge your skin sensitivity and work up from there.

If you want to have a youthful looking face that is absolutely radiant, it is essential that you work with an esthetician and get regular facials, which will improve the look and feel of the pores and skin on your face. Many people who have never gotten a spa facial before are shocked at just how much of an improvement an hour or so at a spa getting a facial can make you feel.


How Esthetics Professionals Can Change Your Life

Posted on: May 4th, 2015

People often seek to have the best possible physical appearance. Many people want to be able to look and feel their best. Doing so can help them look and even feel far more confident. Someone who feels confident is someone who is likely to feel more relaxed in public and while at work. This can help them do a better job and may lead to all kinds of economic and social opportunities. People may find that they have problem areas they would like to correct in order to have the kind physical appearance that suits them best. Working with a professional who is well trained in the art of helping patients from a medical esthetics school Chicago can be the ideal way to reduce wrinkles and eliminate unattractive fat as well as help tighten skin for a younger and more appealing look.

Wrinkles can happen as people age. Wrinkles may develop in many areas of the body and cause the person to feel unhappy. Some people find that they have wrinkles under the eyes, near the mouth as well as on other parts of their body. A trained and skilled professional can help many patients reduce the appearance of fine lines in many areas of their body. The use of various of kinds of techniques can help fill in wrinkles as well as make them less prominent. Using fillers of various kinds can help provide the patient with a reduction in the number of wrinkles and also help the wrinkles from recurring.

A skilled professional can also reduce and even eliminate fat where it is not wanted. Fat may accumulate for various reasons including pregnancy, aging and even taking certain medications. It may appear on the belly, the buttocks and upper arms, leading to a less than attractive look. A skilled medical esthetics school Chicago professional can remove fat safely and easily with far less pain than the patient might have dared believe. Using state of the art medical procedures that are customized to each patient’s individual needs, a doctor can help a patient literally reshape their body and regain their sense of self confidence. The same is true of the patient who may need to have their skin tightened after weight loss or because of aging. A face lift can help a patient’s profile look more youthful. Working with a doctor in this way can help any patient successfully combat the effects of aging.