Maintain Younger Skin by Visiting Your Esthetician

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Maintain Younger Skin by Visiting Your Esthetician

Posted on: April 27th, 2015

The health care system is broken up into many smaller sub-sections. This is done to make sure people are receiving the best care available from the best trained professional. If someone needs an eye exam, they go to an optician. If they have back problems, patients know to see a chiropractor. Where do people go when they want to take care of their skin and keep it looking and feeling young?

Many people would say that a dermatologist should be the first stop for skin issues. While that may be true for serious conditions and life-threatening diseases, normal day-to-day skin care and tips can be gleamed from a visit to a local esthetician. Esthetics consists of a group of treatments that aid in maintaining healthy and vibrant skin performed by trained professionals from a specialized Esthetics School Chicago institution.

The main difference between dermatologists and estheticians is that dermatologists are licensed physicians focused on disorders of the skin. An esthetician does not need a license, but they do receive intense training from Esthetics School Chicago facilities. This training not only involves the training needed to help patients with their skin health, but it also includes education on detecting serious medical conditions that will need to be addressed by a specialist.

To help their patients retain the glow of their younger selves, estheticians use a wide variety of procedures and techniques. One of the more popular services provided is exfoliation. Exfoliating rids skin of dead cells and leaves it looking and feeling healthier. For more serious concerns, estheticians may use a chemical peel. This exfoliating process can be used to help alleviate or treat many different skin concerns like acne, scarring and aging.

For individuals with acne or similar skin conditions, a very common procedure is extraction. This is a deep cleansing process used to clear pores either manually or with a special tool designed for extractions. In some more serious cases, a lancet may be used. Deep pore cleansing is beneficial to the skin’s ability to clear itself and remain blemish free.

Before any of this is done, an esthetician may suggest getting a facial. This one process is a combination of exfoliating, skin cleansing and other therapeutic procedures to help your skin. This will also give the esthetician a chance to learn more about a patient’s skin needs and what future procedures should be recommended.

Benefits of Esthetics Schooling in Chicago

Posted on: April 20th, 2015

Estheticians get up close and personal with their clients so it’s imperative to like people if a prospective student is going to choose this type of career. Estheticians learn about the differences in skin types and the different maladies that affect the skin as well as how to correct those problems. Working as an esthetician allows you to help solve skin problems that can range from mild to serious, whether it is from acne or rosacea estheticians can show their clients how to relieve these skin conditions or recommend them for medical treatment. As a student of esthetics school Chicago a prospective student will learn to build client relationships and begin building their client base which will assist the student once they leave school and begin working in a salon or doctor’s office. Having a client base is important when beginning your career as an esthetician.

In a busy society the healing power of touch is often overlooked. People are too busy to allow them a chance to relax and be still. Services such as a facial or massage seem too luxurious or self-indulgent. An esthetician can make an insurmountable difference in the lives of their clients by teaching them the benefits of self-care. Everyone needs to slow down and relax every now and again. Estheticians knows that when a person feels good on the inside and outside, it is reflected in a boosted self-esteem which allows a person’s confidence to shine through. Each individual comes with unique skin care needs. As a prospective student of esthetics school Chicago various treatments and products that can protect the skin from toxins, help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and balance uneven skin tones are taught.

Esthetics schools teach students, the application of a variety of skin treatments such as salt or sugar scrubs which are beneficial for removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow which helps in the growth of new skin cells. Students also learn how to teach their clients how to maintain the skin for health and vitality by balancing oil and moisture for a healthy complexion. As an esthetics student slenderizing wraps, hair removal by waxing or threading, even manicures and pedicures can all help to rejuvenate the skin.

Many of the skin care treatments are relaxing and rejuvenating, they are beneficial for soothing rough irritated skin. As an esthetician, your goal is to provide your clients with smooth healthy skin. This is achieved by diagnosis and providing the correct procedures to relieve the skin condition or refer them for medical treatments that may be beneficial to them to achieve healthy skin. Some Esthetic practices exclude treatments that may require a medical license. An esthetician is responsible for providing complementary treatments to a medical professional, they are also trained to recognize the beginning signs of many medical conditions that affect the skin. Some of the techniques that are taught at esthetics school Chicago may include facial steaming, body wraps, exfoliation, waxing, deep pore cleaning, and chemical peels.


Finding a Medical Esthetics School in Chicago

Posted on: April 13th, 2015

Medical esthetics is not a new concept, but with technological and psychological innovations, it has become a fully recognized field of medical specialty. In the past, it was assumed that whatever outer physical problems a person faced after sickness, surgery, and age; an attitude of acceptance must be adopted.

As the medical world learns more and more about how unwanted body features occur, they are able to formulate a codex of procedures to reverse and repair these features. In fact, alternative careers are now possible in the realm of medical esthetics.

This field is still considered highly specialized, but new degree programs at certain institutions of higher learning offer educational tracts on the administration of medical aesthetics. The study programs not only include exhaustive studies in cellular biology, pathology and age-specific medicine, but in-depth studies in psychology, sociology and counseling as well. People who want to undergo cosmetic and esthetic medical procedures often have secondary emotional and functional issues that must be treated along with physical corrections.

Medical esthetics is so specialized, degree programs in the field are only found in large metropolitan academic centers. Cities like Chicago have both funding and popular human need fueling the expansion of people seeking degrees in fields like medical aesthetics.

Medical esthetics school in Chicago is best explored with help of a practicing medical professional in the field. From lifetime scars and skin elasticity treatments, to major reconstruction and post-op treatments, there is a large pool of people in metro areas like Chicago who need the help of an accredited medical esthetician. These specialists have insights into which educational institutions offer aesthetics programs that produce graduates to meet the needs of future patients.

With a commitment to formal medical esthetics studies, having a practicing mentor in the field is essential. In the pursuit of finding medical aesthetics Chicago training, a practicing mentor can:

– provide information about what to expect in the application of medical aesthetics
– help with training program applications
– reveal inside information about the future of esthetics
– give worst-case and best-results scenarios
– help an interested future esthetician understand the emotional and therapeutic needs of medical patients
– provide connections with educators working at medical schools in the area
– help establish a positive relationship between a future esthetician and the Chicago school of choice.

Medical esthetics school Chicago students and interns will be required to complete technical courses ranging from radiotherapy and ultrasound, to biomedical rehabilitation and other major areas of reconstruction.

Every medical esthetician must eventually understand that physical scarring, unusual skin conditions, realignment surgical procedures, and birth defects all have a major impact on people’s lives. Abnormal and trouble physical appearances have internal and psychological effect exponentially more powerful than the physical malady. Most people, especially in a large and posh city like Chicago are willing to seek the help of a medical esthetician not only to help them look better, but to cure a lifelong self-consciousness that is causing them emotional distress.

With a genuine interest in helping feel more confident through esthetic treatments, a future practitioner should seek training in a place like Chicago by:

– taking the recommendation for medical esthetics school Chicago training programs from trusted graduates in the field
– spending time at the medical departments of major regional universities and research centers
– finding online and foundation grants and scholarships for medical esthetics training in an area
– speaking to patients who have had successful esthetic treatments about where they went for treatment.

Helping Others Through Massage

Posted on: April 4th, 2015

The art of massage has been around forever and it is still growing in popularity. There are many different types of massages for different ailments. Each therapy is there to give relief for a number of health issues. This ancient practice has great health benefits for everyone who uses it.

Studies show the health benefits of massage to be:

  • Decrease pain
  • Improved self esteem
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved immune system

These are the health issues that get people running to the masseuse on a regular basis. No matter your issue, seeing a masseuse as a continual regimen can help you feel healthier physically and emotionally.

Becoming a massage therapist can be a spiritually rewarding experience. The ability to make people feel healthy is a gift. To become a masseuse, you need to consider what type of therapist you would like to be. Massage school Chicago can give you plenty of information on the many different types of specialties available to you. You can specialize in sports massage, Swedish massage, clinical massage or reflexology. If these do not sound exciting enough for you, you can look into:

  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Infant Massage
  • Pediatric Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Neuromuscular Therapy Massage

You have options.

Once you have decided to become a massage therapist investigate schools and certifications. Massage therapist, who hold certifications and licenses, are more profitable and more successful than therapist that are not. Look into massage school Chicago and others to find the school that is right for you. Ask a lot of questions. You want the program that will lead you to the destination you envision yourself reaching when you are done with your education.

Now to help those in need

There are three different techniques for giving a massage: Energetic, structured or neurological approach. A neurological approach is used to release the pain in your body that happens to be somewhere other than where you feel it. As the masseuse, you will use the nerve roots to help your client relax to aid in pain relief.

The energetic approach works on the energy median principle. Therapist that use this approach believe a body’s energy flows from one specific point in the body and flows through the entire body within a 24 hour time span to return to its original spot. The therapist will manipulate the body to increase this energy flow to energize the client.

Massage is great for lowering blood pressure, decreasing hypertension, stress, sleep issues, pain relief and an overall relaxation regimen. It is also used to increase circulation and relieve muscle pain and inflammation all by using various movements and degrees of pressure.

Anyone can benefit from massage therapy. Cancer patients, dancers, sports athletes, car accident patients and your average Joe, who is overworked and overwhelmed with their life. Massage therapy is a great career and business model for the person who is good with their hands and has a deep desire to help others.